How can I make HitFilm run faster?

I have a demo version of HitFilm Standard and was wondering if there is a way for HitFilm to run faster on my computer. Does the full version run faster?


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    The demo runs exactly like the full version.
    Performance depends on a lot of factors:
    Your hardware. Particularly your GPU, but also your CPU and amount of RAM.
    The specific format of the footage you have imported. Some formats perform better than others in video editing applications.
    The complexity of your project. The more video clips or effects are involved, the more processing has to happen, and the slower things get.
    The specific type of effects that are present. A particle effect creating 50 particles per second is naturally going to play more easily than one creating 50,000 particles per second.
    Also, HitFilm has settings that you can adjust to adjust performance as needed. The Render menu of the viewer, for example, lets you switch between full-resolution and lower resolution previews, so that when speed is a factor, you can use a low-res preview, but when you need to see exactly what the scene loks like, you can switch to full res. Particle effects have a preview option in their General controls, which will temporarily disable the textures, allowing the particles to render much faster. That way you can more easily edit the timing of a complex effect, then turn the preview function back off when you need to edit the appearance of the effect. The editor also has a menu at the bottom, next to the Scale slider, which allows you to adjust whether the thumbnails on the timeline are displayed, and can impact performance.
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    I know this was an old comment, but is there still a way to disable the thumbnails. It's pretty annoying having HitFilm stutter as it generates them when jumping around in the timeline. Or was there an option for it to not throw them out of its cache?

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    Click the little triangle to the right of the zoom scale. Preview Mode. Set to None. What I use is Start/End.

  • Hitfilm Express has run incredibly slow since I have installed it.  I have changed the resolution to quarter, and I have changed the preview mode to 'NONE.'  It did not improve the performance whatsoever.  Please help!

    Windows 10, Intel Core i7-7700 CPU 3.60 GHz, 16.0 GB RAM, GeForce GTX 1070



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    There must be something about your configuration or Input material. Hopefully someone can help about the configuration. I have nearly the same Hardware (I7700 4.0 Ghz, GTX 1050 TI) and I use full Resolution on Playback and can view most of my Projects in real time Playback.

    Is there anything Special about you Input material? The only Thing I know where hitfilm is extremly slow is when using Long time shots (I make sport videos with sometimes 20-30 minutes Video in one file) with AVCHD/MP4. Depends on the codec. Looks like hitfilm is reading the file sequentially whenever I move the playhead in the trimmer backwards.

    Workaround for that: I place the whole file on the Editor timeline and cut the desired seuqnces there instead using the trimmer or I recode it to some better intermediate Format.

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    @frenteria You most likely need to transcode your footage into something that's more HitFilm-friendly.  First, install MediaInfo (if you don't have it already) and drop one of your problem clips into it.  Change the view to Text mode, then copy the report and paste it in a new comment here.  That will allow the Windows media gurus on the forum (which I'm not) to give you specific advice re: transcoding.

    For general transcoding info (including why you need to do it), watch this:


  • I have the same issue with GoPro Hero 5 Session Footage. Especially 2.7k or 4k footage.

    Makes sense, right? GoPro footage is about 40MB/s. HUGE bandwidth.

    The problem is, I have two video cards and a 6 core processor and HitFilm Express uses hardly any of them.

    Transcoding the GoPro footage would take enough extra time as to make it not really helpful. I want to be able to arrive home, arrange some clips of footage I took and hit Encode and walk away.

    If that's too much to ask, then I'll have to deal with the stuttering I guess.

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    would proxying your footage help?

  • CleverTagline
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    @Andersen01498 Probably not. Proxying takes time as well, so waiting for a proxy to be generated would likely not be much different than waiting for transcoding.

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    yeah working in 4K is slow .. in any software .. what you can do is just change the res to 1080p , work in that and before export just set it to 4k .. also maybe you should set your project to 8bit instead of 16 or whatever ... we´ve been struggeling for years to even get 1080p running half good on aftereffects so slowness on 4k is expected even in hitfilm.... please dont post strange questions guys !