Any Progress on STEREO?

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Hi ,
I would buy this right now { love this software!} but....
I read some posts and wondering about any progress for stereoscopic? I saw one suggestion to set up 2 cameras ---- that's good in theory, but could we get a little coding please?
Several Blender users have already programmed addons that do stereoscopic in Blender. How hard can it be?
I know you need:
1. Camera interocular adjustable distance. 65 mm. average
2. Anaglyph viewport { to align footage] using red/ blue glasses fine.
3 Adjustment for convergence or parallel. { + vertical / horizontal alignment}
The idea to just simply render out 2 tracks is good in theory, but I doubt in practice. One must align the tracks to start then any effects must be aligned/ set up carefully - more critical than 2D. { so one would need to be able to watch in Stereo, while aligning the effects L and R in viewport, in 3D space}
And if you want to get fancy: heres advanced controls as used in Nuke: the most interesting is disparity generator.
At that point of compositing one could confidently render out for use in another editor I believe.
The next hoped for step, or course, would be Editing capability: utilizing PAIRED TRACKS / PAIRED CLIPS like Sony Vegas. Utilizing similar controls to above.
Or Cineform , similar controls, that they call MUXING two tracks together.
They have any interesting addition called metadata:
I'm hoping this is hot in the pipeline for hitfilm!
Then we'd be ready for the Future which is actually upon us now!
Any hope to get this soon?


  • SimonKJones
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    Thanks for the detailed feedback! We don't have any immediate plans to add stereoscopic support. While it would definitely be very cool, it's not something that many people have access to at this point so it'd be a lot of development time for features that not many people would be able to use.
    If 3D cameras and televisions become more common this may of course change, and we're always re-evaluating to see which features we should be developing.