Keying suggestion

Hey Guys,
I know it needs more work, and that I need a key light. But here is the video, which I will be shooting again, for my Kickstarter campaign, to get funding for the light I created. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


  • budwzr
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    It's WAY too long, and the guy looks like the Maytag repairman.:)
  • SimonKJones
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    In terms of the compositing:
    - The subject has a very blue-green palette, while the background is lit by very warm orangey lights. When shooting your greenscreen plate, try to set up the lights to match the background you're going to be using.
    - There's a bit of an edge to the key, particularly noticeable on the shirt. Try either getting a better key, or using the matte cleaner to tidy it up.
    - The actual framing is a little off, as you're off to the far left and sometimes drift out of frame. While you probably don't want to be entirely central, you also don't want to look like you're trying to escape the frame. Take a look at one of our recent videos, for example:

    I know this is just a rough video, but in terms of the Kickstarter:
    - Make it much, much shorter. The best Kickstarter pitch video I've ever seen ( is only 4 minutes long, and very varied.
    - You have 9 minutes of one person talking to camera against one background. This might be OK if you can get it down to about 30-90 seconds, but even then you're going to want to put on some more titles and shake things up a bit if you want to keep people's attention. If you want the video to be longer, then you'll need to put even more effort into keeping it varied - again, check out the Kickstarter link above for Double Fine's video, which keeps it fresh all the way through.