Free Voice Synthesizer

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Sometimes you need a human voice, but your own voice is NFG, right? Or you need female.
Try This:
I've used this site for years, and I've built up a pretty large collection of custom voice clips that I can string together or use in music production. It's kind of like having use of a vocoder.
It has British, German, American, and some few other accents, in M and F, but no Asian. I had to buy an East Asian voice and instrument SFX pack for that one.
I love the sounds of the Chinese peasant intsruments like the Urhu and Pipa. They're so expressive.
But anyway, the quality isn't ready for primetime, so you have to enhance it in your favorite DAW. It's a bit robotic, but you can smooth it out by requantizing and pulling the wave form more smoother.
If you're not that savvy on this stuff, it's good for canned "computer voice" FX like "system engaging", "stand clear" stuff like that.
I hope someone here is into this stuff too.