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Hello everybody! I am just putting the finishing touches on my film, and I was wondering whether there is a specific format for the end credits. Do I need a certain number of columns? What order should I list the names? How fast should they scroll? Is there a standard font? Thanks a lot for answering!


  • AxelWilkinson
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    If you are releasing through a major studio, they might have some specifications you have to meet. If its just your own project, then use whatever works best for you. Generally, sans serif fonts work better if the video will ever end up interlaced (on DVD, for example). The basic order of credits is generally pretty similar on end crawls, but the appearance is pretty flexible. You can get the order from any dvd you happen to own.
    Watch almost any Pixar film to see how much variety they put into the end credit roll, and watch any Bruckheimer film and you'll notice that what should traditionally be the opening credits are always immediately following the film, before the rolling credits begin. There's no reason to follow a strict rule about the appearance of the credits; as long as they work for you and don't detract from the tone of the film, it'll be fine.
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    I hate doing the credits, on my stuff 90% of it is me, I hate putting my name down on job after job after job. I think I will begin my credits with "this is the crap I didn't do" then this those peeps.
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    Master Wolf If you don't want you name to appear on every credit, you can always use different aliases for each role of producer, director, cinematographer etc. :D
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    I tried that, the trouble is with me you end up with an art department run by Matt Painting and 3D effects done by Ray Tracing