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Hello there HitFilm community! I'm working on a new short film series called Determination and it's about this hunter who runs around in the forest and he's wanted by the government because he's hunting on illegal property killing super-endangered wildlife. The government is trying to assasinate the hunter but he's too fast. The hunter's name is Lewis. The government figures out that one of the politians is working with Lewis. That's where I'm stuck. What should happen next do you think? I'll give you credit if it's a extravegent idea and I like it. Thanks! -Alec, RoForce100 Studios


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    President Obama shows up and throws good money after bad? So everyone gets further in the hole?
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    The dirty politician and Lewis have never met face to face. The government sends the politician to the area where Lewis is hinting, on some bogus assignment. Meanwhile, through the underground, the new super-agent the government has assigned to the case hires Lewis for an exorbitant amount of money to hunt a human, specifically, the oblivious turncoat politician. Then he has Lewis trampled to death by a white rhino.
    The key thing you need is a proper hero to take on the villain you have created. The good guy can't just be 'the government' - you need a character, perhaps someone newly brought int o handle the situation, for the audience to relate to.
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    I really like both of your ideas. I think that maybe I might include some of that and give you both credit so far. Thanks for the advice. I think the hero's name should be Alexander, whom is new to the government. He will have sort of a funny personality and also can be very serious and harsh at some points. Once again, thanks guys. I'm starting to write out the rough draft for the script now.
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    They All blow up!!! :D