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Hello Everyone,
This is my first time on here and I need a bit of help. I am a newbie to HF and to this level of editing so please bear with me. I am shooting a video using a Canon XL2 and export it using Roxio to my PC. Then I am trying to import the AVI file into HF using the import feature on the Media panel. My problem is that it won't import correctly. It looks like it imports but the project media icon is a blank white page and there is a red circle with the exclamation point in it. Its an obvious error but don't know what is causing it and can't find anything in the online manual. I have used other avi files created from different sources and they work. To get my videos loaded into HF, I go through MS Expression Encoder 4 and convert it to a WMV file. That works fine but it is a step that I don't want to put into my work flow. Can/will anyone help me with a solution and/or tell me what I am doing wrong and if there is a setting on the camera that needs to be changed. I appreciate any and all help.
David f


  • AxelWilkinson
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    Does Roxio give you any options to control the format of the video as you capture it from the camera? The issue is most likely related to the codec of the .avi file. A codec is a type of compression used to reduce the size of the video file. There are lots of different types of compression that can be used, and each gives a different balance of file size to image quality. However, for your computer to be able to decompress a specific type of compression, so the file can be viewed, the appropriate codec must be installed on the system. Its akin to the video being encoded, and the codec (short for COmpressor/DECompressor) gives the system the key needed to decode the file.
    So most likely, HitFilm doesn't have the appropriate codec to read the video file after it is imported. If Roxio gives you control over the specifics of the .avi file, you may be able to select a different codec, that will work better, when capturing the footage from your camcorder.
  • dfrazier
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    Thank you Axel, that makes sense. I didn't think of it being a codec problem. I'll have to look into Roxio a bit more or find something else to transfer from the camera. Any suggestions on that?
    Also, I want to say that out of all the tutorials, you have the best ones. I havent't come across any that you have done where steps are left out causing a lot of frustration. Being a newbie on HF, I am a bit overwhelmed with everything that HF can do. But I will keep plugging away.
    Thanks for getting back to me so quick.
    David f
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