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Me and my wife became parents again to our daugther in january, and Im working on making a little film about her. I like to have a little SFX intro first, a space theme this time.
I have not yet added sounds, but here is the clip. Any comments? Improvements?


  • AxelWilkinson
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    Congratulations man!
    As far as suggestions, the scale of the impact on the earth makes the planet feel tiny; I would try make the details of that impact a whole lot smaller. The effect itself doesn't need to be smaller, or it will start being difficult to see, I think, but the wobbly displacement might benefit from some finer detail to help with the scale of the earth. I'm referring to the blue displaced effect prior to when the red pulse comes down, by the way.
    Also, the earth is really egg-shaped, rather than round, when its down in the corner of the frame.
  • VikingFilm65
    VikingFilm65 Website User Posts: 261
    Thanks Axel! It's great! :)
    And thanks for your suggestions, I will try and implement them.
  • spydurhank
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    Congrats. :D
    New life... gotta love it. :D
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