Grading - Any good tutorials out there, or advice?

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The more I play with the video editing, the more it is apparent that grading is very important. My problem is, I just can't seem to get things to look right. I don't think I see colors like I should to be good at it. For example, a night scene, to me just looks like night. I never noticed how much blue is used to make a scene look like night. That never would have occurred to me. :P Any good tutorials or advice to kick start my mind thinking the right way? Any help is much appreciated.


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    Don't worry, if you were to notice what exactly had been done with the grading straight away, then one of two things happened: 1) the grading is way overdone and horrible or 2) you have grading on the brain and are starting to notice it constantly.
    You aren't supposed to notice why a night scene looks like night, it should just feel like it is night, if its done properly. that beng said, you can still study a night scene to identify the specific qualities that the scene was given. My recommendation would be to find a scene in a movie with similar grading to what you are after, and study that scene in terms of color and contrast. Also, get very familiar with all of the color tools through experimentation and study, so you clearly understand what each one does and how they work.
    There are some tutorials on grading over at our older site: they are for out-of-date software, but the grading principles discussed might be helpful.
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