HD Camera/Camcorder under $300

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Hey guys,
I know people have asked these questions a million times before, but with new stuff coming out all the time I figure it never hurts to ask again.
I'm looking to shoot an indie film (nothing crazy) and I want a camcorder/camera that can shoot in at LEAST 720p and has an external audio input. Those are really my only must haves. I'm not a huge camera nut so I don't know a ton about them, but the consensus tends to be you need something HD and with an external mic input so you're audio doesn't suck.
Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
P.S. I have a camera on clearance at my work. It's a Kodak Z981. Would run me about $130. It can shoot HD but I have no idea if it's any good. Anyone have one they can speak about?


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    If your budget is that tight, I would go for a Kodak Playsport, around $100, and save the difference toward a better camera later.
    I have a Playsport and it's a very good camera for what it is. It even does true 720p60.
    It doesn't have an audio in connection, but with the $200 left over, you can buy a Zoom H2n. The Zoom is not a toy and can be used for a lifetime, so it's not a waste.
    Just rig up a double tripod mount, or boom it out, plug in your headphones, and you're all set. You'll get pro sound.
    Remember these:
    "It's not the gear, it's the technique"
    "Content Is King"
    "Audio Is 70% Of Video"
    "If you want to make a small fortune in video, start off with a large fortune"
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    The same thing can be said about the stock market. LOL
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    Good luck finding a good camera with external mic input in that budget. Believe me I tryd.
    As I alway say when it come's to buying camera. SAVE UP!
    Most JVC and most point and shoot camera are in your budget and they do shoot in full HD. Camera with mic input ten to start around $500 but you also need to look for a hot shoe on top of the camera to mount you mic. Microphone like the RODE VIDEO MIC whould cost around $150 to $200 gave or take.
    For a beingger I recommend point and shoot camera. Because there cheap and eazy to used and take good video but no mic input.
    I should point out most of us shoot with HD DSLR and they do have external mic input plus if the video thing don't work out you still have a good still camera.
    Least talk about Camera Accessories.
    There are two types of accessories you should know. What You Need To Run The Camera and What You Can Add On.For you should just worry about What You Need To Run The Camera.
    What you need to run The camera may very on camera to camera or what accessories you already have. But you should add the price of these accessories to the price of your camera.
    Batteries and Chargers: Are something that you should but at least 2 to 3 batteries pord camera.
    Recording Media (Film and Memory Cards): When you first buy your new camera you need to buy something to recorded on.
    The next to few them are something the will depan on camera to camera.
    The First Lens: The first main lens for you camera should be added to the price of the camera over all.
    Tripod: This only apids if your new camera is heavy or not or if you don't have one. If not or you alrealy have a good tripod then this one is for the other categories and shouldn't be added to the price of the new camera.