60i- need help!!!!

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How do you make 60i(Frame rate) footage look good in the editor, and so that when you export it, you do not get those stupid, wavy line everywhere?
Please Help! The camera I am using only does 60i recording. I am saving up for a new camera.


  • NullUnit
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    Render the video as 30 progressive frames per second. You'll need conversion software or a good NLE like sony vegas to do it.
  • budwzr
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    It has to be de-interlaced.
  • Geani66
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    This sucks…..with the progressive format.
    My new camera's shooting only interlaced.
    And it's a 2000$ camera!
    I didn't know anything about this deinterlacing "problem"before.
    Now I regret my buy.
    Because the software's really nice,but my footage looks awful .
    INTERLACED AND WAVY like you cannot believe….
  • stbo
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    what camera is it?  I am pretty sure any camera in that price range will support interlaced or progressive??
  • Triem23
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    If you don't already own other editing software that can transcode your footage, then you can download "Handbrake," which is a free transcoder than can deinterlace your footage and wrap it in mp4 joy.
    As far as the "problem" of interlacing goes, the official, broadcast specifications for HD material at 1080 call for interlaced footage. Your camera isn't doing anything wrong. When SMPTE designed the official specs for HD, back in the early-mid 1990's, television was still considered to be the primary distribution channel for video. The internet revolution was unforseen.
    However, technically, it's HITFILM that's non-compliant.
    Hitfilm isn't doing anything wrong, either. FXhome, by design, is aiming mostly as users distributing online, and, by only using progressive footage, they've made it a lot easier to code many effects.
    Sorry you're getting interlace lines, but there's many ways (free ways) to fix it.
    Like Handbrake, or bouncing thru Avid, Premiere, Final Cut, Vegas or any half-decent NLE.
  • Geani66
    Geani66 Website User Posts: 15
    Thanks for your reply.
    It's a Sony HXR-MC2000U.
    60i only!!!!
    Hate that….
  • Triem23
    Triem23 Moderator Moderator, Website User, Ambassador, Imerge Beta Tester, HitFilm Beta Tester Posts: 19,362 Ambassador
    Yeah, but that camera was specifically designed for footage destined for blu-ray, and Blu-ray is... 1080i.

    Again,the camera does exactly what it's designed for.

    Go get some handbrake goodness. It will batch-transcode, so you can set it to deinterlace all your clips, then you can let it run while you sleep or have dinner or something.

    Handbrake.fr is the homepage for Handbrake.
  • Geani66
    Geani66 Website User Posts: 15
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