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Hi all!! Well I need your advice once again...I am new with hitfilm so...
I have only a big living room where to put my green screen...But I don't know where to put it, cause I have a picture window with a venitian blind..My question is on which wall do I have to put my green screen to have the best result? On the wall face to face with the window or on the perpendicular wall?? Can I use the natural light or not??I ask you that cause my room is very bright even the days without I thought It was possible to shoot without spot light but I wonder about the best position to avoid shadows...And if there is some little shadows, how to remove...Thank you for your replies...Have a nice day...


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    The key to lighting a greenscreen is to light it evenly, from both sides. If you want to light it on a wall perpendicular to the window, then make sure you have enough light on the opposite side of the room to keep that side of the greenscreen equally bright. This could be tricky as you would need lights that are balanced to daylight temperature, to keep the color consistent across the screen. The wall parallel to the window would most likely give better results. But lighting a screen indoors just using window light isn't likely to give good results. You need to light your screen nice and evenly, and good and bright, then use separate lights for your subject, to get a good clean key. Nothing will work as well as some experiments to see how good of results you can actually get, though.
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    So you mean the wall face to face with the window?? If I use lights do I have to close the blind? or just use the daylight with lights to get a good result? The green screen will be directly on the wall so there will be no shadow accross it but I don't want shadows around me..Thank you for your reply...I just start to use it..
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    It depends a bit on the distance from the actor to the window whether you can leave the blinds open. Of course, ideally you could take advantage of the ambient light coming from the window, to help brighten things up, but the danger, if the window is too close, is that it will become apparent that you are mixing different colors of light, since the outdoor light is much cooler than the tungsten light that your lamps probably create. If you can see both light temperatures in the footage, that is a very difficult thing to correct when compositing the shot.
    For best results, either use one or the other: Close the blinds and use all tungsten lights, or use only daylight. If you want to use daylight, the best option is to set up the greenscreen against a shaded wall outside, so its not in the direct sun, or set it up on an overcast day, which provides excellent diffused light everywhere, and can offer good results for greenscreen shooting.
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    Don't overthink it. It's not that technical. Just don't make the green so strong that your camera exposure on the subject is affected, or that you get "spill" on the subject.
    Make the subject the focus of your attention, not the greenscreen.
    Example: If you film a helicopter against a soft blue sky, away from the sun, the sky can easily be keyed out, and there will be no spill on the helicopter.
    SOFT lighting is key.
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