exploding man/ lightsaber duel thing

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ok, here is new video, basically charlie shoots at other dude (guy on left) and he blocks shot with lightsaber, shot then goes back and hits charlie blowing him up in a bloody particle explosion full of chunks of vertual legos.

you may need to watch it more than once to actually notice all effects in the exploding bit and what happens lol
hope you enjoy


  • RodyPolis
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    Pretty sweet. What's the song at the beginning? Sounds familiar; is there a longer version of it?
  • paradad2303
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    nice! i liked the smoke at the end. and the blood trail.
  • TheRealJayWalker
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    Nicely done mate. You're right I had to watch a couple of times to see everything but you did a good job there.!
  • Froi
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    Thanks everyone,
    @rody, arktic is correct, two door cinema club, something good can work :) and it is a few mins long...
    @paradad, thanks, I downloaded the smoke from YouTube and keyed it to use for the gun effect, i didn't really think of adding stock footage to the explosion though for some peculiar reason! Lol it may have made it look more realistic..? And yeah I had a problem with the blood bit in the first rendered version, as it disappeared after a sec or towl, so I changed the life of the particles and made them stick to make it look cool :D
    @stopmotionman thanks again mate, it took so long to make so I'm glad u thought it was decent, lol, (the explosion didn't take too long, it was the sound editing and rendering which lew my mind into near insanity haha)
    Also, the next videos I will be making will consist of things like flying laptops, like final cut kings video, (because I will be getting new camera next month and will be able to make cooler, more creative videos! :D )