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I have had access to and used Adobe Production Premium 5.0 (After Effects, Photoshop, and Premiere Pro) for more than a year now. I own After Effect 4, and Vegas Movie Studio 9 Platinum HD. With production Premium 5.0 and now 5.5, you can seamlessly edit between these three programs. I have been playing with the Hit Film Ultimate and off for a few months. But a lot more recently as I am thinking about purchasing the software as a replacement for my After Effects 4.0. I like it because you can do the same type of work flow as with Adobe.
I was curious how many people use the software primarily as a video effects editor as opposed to a full NLE editor. I ask primarily as I see the 'Studio' package includes a copy of Vegas Movie Studio 11 Platinum HD. I can tell from playing with the demo I will probably use the same technique I use with Adobe and that is to make a composition of the VFX scene, then render it and use it in my NLE as even with a mid-range graphics card (GeForce GTX 560 2GB) Hit Film Ultimate (HFU) tends to drag on graphically intense video effects.
Just curious how others are using the application, any ideas or tips on the workflow that you prefer would be appreciated.


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