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I had mentioned in an earlier post that a friend of mine had been playing around with the demo of Hit film on his i7 16GB, with a GeForce GTX 550 Ti (194 cuda cores) and said that it seemed to work without any problems. So in anticipation of purchasing Ultimate for both my desktop and laptop I went out and bought a new graphics card for my machine. Previously I had an old GT 9400 card with 1GB video memory that I was using from a another computer build until I bought a new card. Believe it or not I could actually run Premiere Pro and After Affects 5.0 trial on this card and system without any problems. Renders were slow when exporting, but hey you cannot have everything.
I currently own AE 4.0, but want to update to Hit Film Ultimate. So today I purchased an EVGA GeFore GTX 560 (336 cuda cores) with 2 GB video memory. I was playing with the 'Your First Video (YFP)' project that uses the 3D preset muzzle flash. Once completed, it really drags and stutters when playing the composite shot of the muzzle flash after checking the “select frame option” under the “auto levels” effect. Even when the display panel is set to ½ render.
Is anyone using this card? I realize that it is a only a mid range card per Hit Films suggestion, but the next level up is rather quite expensive. I realize that Hit Film is quite graphics intensive, I thought the 336 cuda cores would give me better results than I have seen so far. If anyone has any ideas on how to tweak the settings for maximum usage of this card I would appreciate it.
My one thought was that you could pre-render the composite shot and then use it in your timeline much like you do in AE, and this would probably be one solution. However, you can only render to 'YouTube' in the demo version. If anyone has any suggestion or tips I would appreciate it.
Intel i7 950, 2.3Ghz
GeForce GTX 560 (336 cuda cores), 2GB GDDR5 SDRAM
(Driver, downloaded from Nvidia 2/25/12)
1 TB hardrive
500w Power Supply


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    Since the previous post, I have played with the Prism teleport tutorial and it seems to work fine with no lag or other problems. This tutorial is more complicated, but Ultimate handled it without a hitch. Funny that such as small tut as YFP with on simple muzzle flash and a color correction drags in composite mode. No crashes in HF since the new drivers have been installed, beginning to like the new video card, will have to run it through a few more tutorials.
    Now that I have a new graphics card, I can see how complex and flexible HF really is. Glad I have some After Effects experience as the Prism teleport tut had quite a few steps, but it covered a lot of useful information.
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    Hm, sounds like the Auto Levels effect is what is causing the slowdown in the original project? I'll suggest to the developers that we look at whether there is any way we can optimize that effect in the future, though I don't know if its possible. Glad to hear you are having good results in more recent tests though. Keep us posted if you have any other questions or concerns.
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