I just made an effect where I go into a car, start it up, and a hologram appears with the cars stats and temperature, and brand logo and such. I made all of the parts of the hologram 3d, and tilted them sum, and added motion to some parts, but it seems so flat. If I wanted to move the camera around, and view it from different angles, would I need a 3d motion tracker? If I kept my camera in the same position in the car, and shot handheld, can I just use HitFilm's built in tacker?
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    Is it necessary to move the camera around inside the car? There's not much room to work with in there so as cool as it sounds to have a hologram move around in your 3d space, does it actually help? Maybe instead of moving around in one shot use cuts and angle them so that the angle of the hologram changes as well.
    Tracking with Boujou or something like that should be able to do what you're looking for though. Just make sure there's enough visually for the tracking to follow and when you place your hologram with the tracked camera it should work as you'd like it. Cutting and using 2d tracking may be just as effective and a quicker solution though.
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    If you animate the hologram coming out of the dash, or whatever is displaying it, that can also help to add to it feeling 3D. In this video, the prop is moving somewhat, but even if it was stationary, I think you'd get a very similar sense of the hologram being 3D:
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