Pre-order question about particles and 3D tracking

I!m considering purchase of Hitfilm Ultimate, but would like to know if the effect I want to do is possible.
I'm planning a shot using either a crane or fluid head. The shot would start with the camera shooting straight down a city street as glowing particles move down the street towards the camera. As the particles get closer to the camera, I want to tilt up, so that the particles appear to be flying directly overhead (in other words looking up and underneath the particles), then continue panning so that the particles are moving away down the street. Hope I'm clear on this move. I just want to know if particles can be tracked like this in 3D. Also, is this possible with the single cameta move I want, or would I need to take separate shots of the angles I need?
Thanks in advance for any help. Hitfilm looks like a gret program.


  • Hendo
    Hendo Staff Website User Posts: 160 Enthusiast
    Yes, if I understand your shot correctly, it's definitely possible.
    The key thing is that you will need another software program to perform the 3D camera tracking, and you will then have to import that camera tracking data into HitFilm so that your HitFilm 3D camera matches the movement of your real-world camera.
    I recommend doing a test with the demo version of HitFilm. It will be fully functional for your purposes.
    You can simulate the crane camera movement by shooting the test hand-held, and then experiment with that.
    Of course, you could also do some experiments with just HitFilm's 3D camera and the particles, to get the hang of what you're wanting to do, before trying to do the camera match move with your real footage.
  • johnr
    johnr Website User Posts: 2
    Thanks for the reply, and I'll dowload the demo, plus pfhoe demo. Old AlamDV and EffectsLab user. My email changed, and I only recently found out about HitFilm. Too bad I missed the discount, but that's life.
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