Please Help Finish Movie

budwzrbudwzr Website User Posts: 655
I started this movie a few years ago. I have the beginning all set up, but I'm brain frozen on the rest. If anyone can take this project ahead, I'll give it to you, gratis. And you can run with it. :)


  • SchneiderRproSchneiderRpro Website User Posts: 22
    Is this all footage that you shot?
  • LinkedPicturesLinkedPictures Website User Posts: 150
    perhaps you could keep it really simple like, a new cowboy comes into town, people are weary of him at first, but when he saves the sheriff's daughter from an escaped convict, he is welcomed in. The new cowboy gets a girl and a fab home, overlooking the west. but soon, the criminal comes back for the girl and him. He kidnaps her overnight and the hero is awoken to a choice, the girl or the town. If he chooses the town to save, he gets to run off with her. If he chooses the girl, he has rigged the town with C4 and will blow it up. The rest on from there is upto you. :D
  • budwzrbudwzr Website User Posts: 655
    edited March 2012
    Hahaha, too funny. :P
    I'm glad someone sees the humor. i.e. YOU make the move but give ME the credits. Hahaha.
    I like your script. We need Charlie Bronson in there too.
  • LinkedPicturesLinkedPictures Website User Posts: 150
    Charlie Bronson. I totally agree man, totally.
  • AculagAculag Website User Posts: 708 Just Starting Out
    I say keep the story ambiguous. Leave it just the way it is, except after it fades out, run through the credits again to make sure no one forgets all of the people involved.
  • budwzrbudwzr Website User Posts: 655
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    Well that would certainly solve any funding issues.
    So we keep the credits rolling while we lock up the ticket booth and snack bar and abscond with the take.
    Then forget about Charlie B.
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    It's awesome. Going to hard to continue.
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