Spaceship cockpit view?

Hello All
Looking for some stinken help here. I have been trying to work this out for 3 days now and it is driving me insane. I have filmed someone in front of a green screen however I am trying to work a way for them to be inside a spaceship cockpit. I have created a background but there is something missing and it just does not look right. I have created a background and have blurred it a little bit, but I think what is missing is that it needs to be framed with something. I have been watching incockpit view of star wars and what sells it is the fact that you can see space outside. I dont have an issue with putting space in the background, however just need to frame it some how. I did see the other chap that had a video of him making a "please send help vid" but the background was more of a spaceship deck
Really could use some help on this one.

Thank you


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    I put this is the wrong forum, Can I please have this moved to the hitfilm software one
    Thank you
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    I've actually moved this to the Filmmaking forum, as it seems like that's the best fit.
    A few things to try:
    - The flashing red light at the bottom-right of shot is currently completely behind the actor. The lens flare should go over the top of the actor as well, so you should have a play with your layering there. Even just this one tweak will probably help to bind it all together a bit more.
    - Most of the background is a big empty wall. It seems like the area directly behind the actor's head would be perfect for some kind of viewport.
    - The 2 fans at the top-right could be animated. Duplicate the background layer, mask out the fans, change the anchor point so that it's in the centre of the fan blades, then animated them to spin in place with motion blur on. A bit of movement in the background will help to sell it.
    - The lighting on the actor is very yellow. Certainly on the left side it could probably do with being a bit more blue to match the blue lighting in the background.
    - Have you got any kind of light spill on the actor? This can help to make the comp look better, especially when you've got a hard, dark edge as here.
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    film him against green screen
    add a background image of a ship cockpit found on the Net. Make glass transparent
    add fx
    add a background video of flying through space
    I just did same thing but with pilot facing forward
  • Well, the back wall has lights and details that look rather large, yet its out of focus which to me looks like it's in the distance and huge. How big is the **** pit supposed to be? Would it be worth trying to close it in a bit, bring the back into focus a bit more, add some dark shadows into the top corners - make it a bit more claustrophobic?
    I dare say there'll be blinking lights on the dash board too so maybe a couple of blinking lights in front of the character might help sell the effect.
  • Definitely an improvement, the lighting does match better overall.
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    Definitely an improvement, the lighting does match better overall.
    Cool. That's a burn composited at 15%.
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    Or maybe something like this?
    NOTE: Deleted:Sucks
  • As Simon said, it needs some movement in the background, and maybe some perspective. It looks a bit like he's in his bedroom at the moment.
    Perhaps add a doorway that goes down a passage in the distance, to give it some depth.
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    The look that I was going for was a small cockpit. Next time that I film this, I will just have to make a small cockpit and green screen the open areas. I have now completed this fan film, and the next time I make one, it will be much grander as I already have the basic outline for it.

    Thank you all for your assistance