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I just finished and posted my weekend VFX project. Check it out!


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    Well i dont know bout anyone else, but im a fan of this
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    Heh, nice. What was the event?
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    edited February 2012
    Thanks for the compliments! I live in San Francisco, which is near the Maverick beach surf contest in Half Moon Bay. It was a few years ago and I didn't plan on going, so I didn't have a good viewing spot. (BTW people who did have a good viewing spot, down on the beach, were in danger of being washed away by the waves!) I just ended up getting shots of a cool looking military structure. Last week I remembered the footage when I was thinking about doing a weekend VFX project. I used HitFilm to do all the VFX and editing. Its the first time I used the editor and I really like being able to turn each shot into a composite and then have that instantly translated back to the editor timeline. Very convenient!
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    So the satellites r real how about the electrical light beam from them both or was that special effects I've watched this so many times and just finally read the comments and your story to that spot. where was it taken again?

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    @Shigg420 Congratulations on resurrecting a 2012 thread... It's got to be one of the oldest ones I've seen.

    He already tells us where it was taken in the comment above yours.

    The light beam was most likely done using the lightning effect in HitFilm.

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