Super Epic Action Scene!

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Hey guys! Went back home from college for a few days earlier this summer and my brother, some friends, and I decided to make a cool action scene. We planned and shot it one after noon. Nothing too serious, but we had fun making it and hopefully you'll have fun watching!

I wish I had a steadycam for this, but I didn't have much of my equipment at the time. Let me know your thoughts, thanks.


  • mercianfilm
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    Ha ha!I loved this! I especially liked all the words coming up during an action moment- reminded me of the old Batman tv series but without being cheesy- very well done. The end sequence was very cool as well- especially when he takes off his sunglasses-i liked that effect.
    I agree a steadicam might have been a good choice for some shots- but then again the whole film had a free hand style to it- a bit paul greengrass/Bourne series style which might not have worked too well with a steadicam. An example is the beginning sequence where both characters are running through the woods- the free hand- shaky style was well executed here i thought and gave the perfect amount of urgency to the scene and enough franatic movement- a steadicam might have taken away from this i feel.
    All in all i think it was great for what it was- a fun, not too serious short. I enjoyed it a lot- i hope it will be continued!
  • RodyPolis
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    Hey thanks for watching and glad you liked it! While I wish I had a steadicam for this, I don't mean for every shot. Some shots I like shaky, while some others just felt a little too much.
  • nice! A steady cam wasn't majorly necessary, the frantic movements were helped by the shakeyness of it but there were a few shots that could of benefited for a more steadier hand. Still looked like fun :)
  • MatthiasClaflin
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    The shakyness of the close ups was the only thing that bothered me at all. I thought the 60s batman style gun shot effects were cool, and kind of refreshing. It looked like lots of fun to shoot and edit! :D
  • Pooky
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    Hmm, too shaky for my tastes, and to be honest there isn't really much that happens - it kinda felt slow to me. I dig the idea for the sound effect words, though, can I steal that from you?
  • RodyPolis
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    As long as you credit me at the end, I don't see a problem Pooky Lol
    And thanks Matthias and UberWiggett. It was a lot of fun!
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