A friends Mass Effect Fan Film and something from me.

A friend just posted online an Interactive Mass Effect fan film, it's rather cool and thought I'd share it here, click the link;
Mass Effect; The Assignment
I also make short films, my latest, a short action scene, is here; Confrontation
Enjoy. :D


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    Both films are great. In regards to your video, I think if the editing was a bit quicker/snappier then it would've helped a bit. The best example would be when we shoots the fireball helmet thingy, there seems to be a delay of reaction or it's like we're waiting for the hit.
    The only other thing I noticed was one or 2 of the dust shots cut off at the top. I'm assuming these are stock video and so feathering the top of the clip would fix it. If they're generated then I'm not sure why they appeared that way!
    Great video though, a brilliant test for your action filming.
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