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I'm a long time user of Vegas Pro, and although the Studio versions are quite capable NLE's, I needed the compositing tools in the pro version, because that's my forte.
Vegas is an extremely powerful NLE, but if you want to expand it with newer tools like a particle generator, you have to do so via plugin, which is not so nice, because the work area is kind of tight, and plugins are sort of clunky so you take a performance hit.
So when HitFilm was bundled into the Studio version, I realized that the Vegas developers had no intention of evolving Vegas in that direction, and would likely just continue it as a strong, solid NLE, which is fine.
To get to the point, I checked out HF Ultimate and the first thing I noticed is that my Sony AVC files imported flawlessly, as if a native format to HF. So far, so good.
Then I noticed that the HF AVC files exported flawlessly back into Vegas! So I got that "A-Ha" moment when you know you're on to something.
I realized that HF is to Vegas, like AE is to Premiere, except for the high price! Now, I was really excited, but I kept my wits about me, and remembered that there's no "free lunch", right?
So I dug in to HF to see if it had any cajones, and it had massive ones.
Then I ran it up the flagpole at another forum I frequent, to see if anyone would salute it, and there was a standing ovation there too.
So my credit card seemed to jump from my wallet to join the party too! :)
So anyway, I read a lot of posts from people having issues using HF as their sole editing software, and complaining that HF doesn't have this or that, and I hope this post opens their eyes to use HF for it's STRENGTHS, and for it's weaknesses use a regular NLE.
And then, you'll be cheering for HF to add more advanced features instead of support for yesterday's tools.
And P.S., if you agree, why not put some YT videos on your channel that promote HF? You don't have to playlist them, just let them float out there and bring in new users. The more users, the better HF will grow.
And put out some good stuff, not crap "test" junk.:)


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    Heh, thanks budwzr. :) You kinda hit the nail on the head there in a lot of ways. The really exciting thing is that we have some ridiculously huge plans for the future of HitFilm. Stuff I'm not allowed to talk about, but which I know would prompt an audible 'squeeeee' from a lot of people round here.
    That so many of you have jumped on board to support us at this relatively early stage means a lot to us.
    I really want to give back this year through the community, so we're working on a few ideas to help promote community content. If you're doing good work, especially good work with HitFilm, we want to shout about it and get people to look your way. We'll have more info on some of these Crafty Schemes in the near future.
    Thanks again! :)
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