Trailer for new short!

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I just finished the trailer for my new short, "22". It's made entirely in HitFilm, and I would really appreciate it if you could take a look. Thanks!


  • SimonKJones
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    The rapid-fire shots at the start don't quite work for me. I think I'd either have held on them for longer (as they look like quite nice shots), or would have put in some sound work to back up the rapid fire, along the lines of Transformers-trailer-style BOOM BOOM BOOM-BOOM hits.
    Otherwise, though, this looks very interesting. I like that there's a definite story, and you establish the premise well without giving anything away.
    Some more work in the grade would give it a more cinematic feel, which might be worth investigating for the full short.
    Main thing is that I like the effort that's clearly gone into this, from costumes to getting a variety of actors, including adults (!), and decent locations.
    Looking forward to it! I've also added it to the HitFilm Select playlist. It's great to see people starting to use HitFilm to put together proper short films as well as quick VFX tests.
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    Thanks a lot! How exactly should I go about color grading? Should I make every clip a composite shot and do them separately or export, and grade everything at once?
  • VisionTestLab
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    Interesting... I really liked the camera shot near the end of the trailer where the guy is talking into the lens :) good work! Cant wait to see the final product!!
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    Nice man. To get the "narrator feel" maybe you should warp your voice to sound deeper or throaty. I like the idea and the "feel" of the movie. The adult with the gas mask definitely looks like the "bad guy". When is the finished movie?
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    There was a point where I stopped looking at it critically and started becoming genuinely interested in what was going on. That right there is a good sign. I agree with Simon that the shots at the start threw me off, but it got better and better as it progressed.
    Good job!
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    I completely agree with Keegan! I thought the exactly the same thing. The premise of this film is very interesting and original- i like how it's still quite dark as well considering that essentially kids have control of the world and can do whatever they want. Like simon said i'm impressed with your cast and the variety of actors and actresses. This looks to very interesting and an enjoyable film- can i ask though- what is the significance of the age 22-or would that be giving too much away?
    Looking forward to more!
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    I would suggest making the film darker, when I say that adjust the brightness control and turn it down a little!
  • RomanRuinFilms
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    Wow, thank you so much for the feedback, you have no idea how much I appreciate it. I'll try to answer all of your questions/suggestions.
    @SchneiderRpro: I actaully thought about doing something very similar for the voice. I was trying to get a kind of TV static sound going, but it didn't work very well so I cut it. If you have any suggestions on how to do that kind of sound editing, please let me know and I will definitely use it in the movie. Also, the release date will be March 16.
    @Keegan Larwin: Thanks a lot! As you guys point it out, I start to agree with you. The effect that I was going for really doesn't work because the music I was using didn't have enough power on the hits.
    @mercianfilm: Thanks so much for the feedback. 22 is the age where the disease starts to take out the kids. Once you hit 22, you're out. I figured it's right in between adult maturity and childlike panic.