Wedding videographers?

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Ello everyone!
As a few of you know, I'm getting married later this year! Which means that I'm looking for someone to video my wedding - and as nice as it would be to film it myself, I'm not sure my wife-to-be would be so keen on that...
So, does anyone know any wedding videographers based / available in London? The wedding is in September of this year.
I'm looking for someone with experience and a showreel or examples of previous wedding videos that they've produced.
I'm very grateful for any recommendations.


  • VisionTestLab
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    Hey congrats :D !! Wish you lived here in cali :dry: there's this pro videographer that I know really well... Hope you find someone soon!
  • SimonKJones
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    Good luck with that! I looked around a few 'pro' wedding videographers and they were all atrocious - though this was up in Norfolk; I'd assume there'd be better options around London. The problem I had is that they provide what is supposed to be a fancy all-in package, but which is actually a bit rubbish if you know anything about video production. Half of them didn't even have HD cameras, and those that did were only able to provide a DVD, rather than a blu-ray or HD digital file.
    In the end I went with a local production company that I know personally. They don't do weddings because they're a pain in the ass, but did it as a (paid!) favour. It was the only way I could get someone reliable to shoot decent HD footage, then give me all the footage to edit myself. I didn't want somebody else editing it using their usual supercheese templates.
  • Arktic
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    Yeah, I'm torn between wanting to edit it myself (I'll hopefully be happy with the end result) and letting someone else edit it (which is much easier, but the pitfalls are plentiful).
    There are some amazing looking companies around London who do decent wedding videos, but the costs are astronomical. So far I've only been able to find cheap and cheesy, or awesome and unaffordable.
    So if anyone has a recommendation - cheap and awesome preferably - then that'd be great!
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    Hmmm...I have yet to find cheap and awesome together.:)
    I made a fake "Hitchcock Zoom" effect once that looked pretty cool. That was a funeral though.
    If you end up editing yourself, I can make you some cool motion graphics and titling. 100% custom, no cheese. (and FREE)
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    I dare you to wear helmets with GoPro cameras attached and record the whole thing like that.
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