You know what I love about this Forum!!!

this is so cool when you really think about it, we are at the begging, of something really awesome, with this Forum, and Software!! We are just barely scratching the surface of what this software can do, and I don't even think the creators of this software, know the the limits of what they made. The only thing that could hold us back, is our own imagination, patients, and not being afraid to fail. So to this I say, fail gloriously, because some of our greatest successes, come from when we fail!
One example; galvanized rubber.


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    You mean "Vulcanized" ? :)
    Yeah, also like how Newton described gravity backwards, and Einstein later corrected it.
    Einstein was a visual thinker. He would envision physics in real life terms in his mind. He would daydream about what it might be like to travel at the speed of light, as if he was sitting on a rocket.
    Then he would get that "A-ha" moment, and pencil it out mathematically to prove it.
    The best description of "enlightenment", and our natural obstacles to it, is found in Plato's story, (soliloquy), of "The Cave", and "The Line".
    Excerpt: "...the knowledge that we have of the Ideas – when indeed we do have it – is of a higher order than knowledge of the mere physical world..."
    I understand this as the ability to conceive trumps the ability to do.
  • Okay I stand corrected, but at least you understand where I was coming from.
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    Thanks Eflat! As you say, we're still discovering what HitFilm can do. Part of the goal with the software when we developed it was to create a toolkit that was flexible enough that even we - the designers - wouldn't really know the limits of what it could do.
    We have BIG plans for HitFilm and this is still early days. We really appreciate all you guys supporting us from the start.
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    From what I see HF can do is make a movie like the matrix with no problem. If you got the money to make a movie like that! I hope the price tag dont go up like Adobe prices.... Hope not!
  • What might happen is the price for AF might come down, now that they are not the only kid on the block. Competition, is always good, and brings out the best.
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    We have BIG plans for HitFilm and this is still early days.
    As independents keep grabbing a bigger and bigger piece of the entertainment pie, software at the head of the pack should prosper wildly.
    The biggest trend here in America is a small operation, selling a single specialty product nationally and globally via the web. Whether it be cookies or whiskey, they all need media, branding, etc.
    There's much more opportunity for the one-man-band that can play all the tools well, as opposed to an expensive corporate production that small businesses can't afford.
    Exciting times we're living in.
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