Space ship take off

This is another test that I have done this morning. There is a short film comp here in Canberra which is coming up in a month that I want to get into. The rules are that film makers can only shoot with in the 10 period and they have to use three out of the ten objects/locations around Canberra in the film. With practise I know that I can make something bigger and better. Just stuck on writing the short now. The theme is "winning"

Anyways, here is my quick test


  • Cool test mate! It looked a very smooth take-off - i especially liked how the front was dipped slightly as it gained height and then levelled off. Great stuff.
  • SimonKJones
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    The track right at the start as the spaceship comes into view seems off - the ship wobbles about a bit.
    The next thing to look at is the compositing of the shot into the scene. A couple of things to pay attention to:
    - The live action shot is very over exposed. The sky is really blown out and the trees and roof of the shed are also blown out a bit. You need to make sure the spaceship fits into that. A real spaceship flying in front of that blown-out sky would also be washed out by the glare. As a basic fix, try applying a Fill effect, set it to white, then adjust the strength until it looks right.
    - The live action shot is very contrasty, with heavy blacks. The ship, meanwhile, is quite low contrast, with lots of greys. Use the Crush Blacks & Whites effect to make the spaceship match the background more.
  • MarkOm
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    I have tried this again
  • SimonKJones
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    Yep, that compositing, especially at the start of the shot, works much better. The ship fits much more naturally into the scene. Though it's possibly not quite contrasty enough this time, as your shadows in the live action portion are very black.
    It'd be good to see this composited into a handheld/moving shot. That'll really help sell it.
  • spydurhank
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    Nice! :D
    Looks really good. Is the ship supposed to be very far away?
    That's kinda what it looks like to me, almost like you have an atmospheric haze thing going on. If you graded part of the background to have the same kind of haze effect, it would look a lot more natural, I'm thinking past the trees where that large hill is. Just saying because everything in the live footage shot is in focus and you don't get a clear sense of depth. The ship looks like it's huge and should be far away... but if it's not so huge and it's supposed to be closer, then I would add some contrast like Tarn suggested plus you'd need some shadows on the ground, being cast by the ship. Still a pretty good job though. :D
  • TheRealJayWalker
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    Definitely an improvement on the original one. RodyPolis did a great compositing tutorial a few months ago (available on his YouTube page) which I'd recommend looking at. One tip of his which I've started using is to put a Hue, Saturation filter onto both your background film and whatever you are compositing into the shot (in your case your ship) and amend the Master on both so that they turn black and white. This then helps you see the difference in the contrast between the background and your ship.
    Then put a contrast filter on your ship layer and amend the contrast so that the blacks match with the blacks of your background.
    Reset the Hue and Saturation filter so that it goes back to colour and you should find that contrasts match better.
    Hope this helps