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Hey guys,
A couple weeks ago I stumbled upon this video. After watching it a couple of times I found it to be true. Especially because being an independent filmmaker I realize that I cant do everything that I think of, and that I must simplify the things that I want to do. Just thought I would post the video and see what you guys thought of it.


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    I agree with the commenters on YouTube (the number of trolls seems oddly fewer than usual on that video?!) - beautiful and highly personal. The creator makes some very good points about filmmaking from what I know of it so far, and particularly indie filmmaking - its hard work, it does feel like putting a child out there and it is upsetting if that creation is ripped apart.
    I think he missed a few of the benefits to independent filmmaking though. While you are limited by what you can afford and what skills you have, you aren't limited by what is considered suitable by your paymasters, and you certainly aren't limited to doing things that will be financially successful (unless it's your full-time job, I assume that restricts things a bit..). You can also have more participation from the community - people will work or contribute for free, and in amazingly creative ways, given the right motivation (see Star Wars Uncut for example).