The Art Of The Modern Movie Trailer

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The Art Of The Modern Movie Trailer
Very cool article for those of us that are trailer-enthusiasts like me. Been a long time since I've posted a trailer analysis like I used to, but I still watch them frame-by-frame occasionally and I found it very cool to read about how trailers are produced. If trailers are an art or a craft as asked in the end of the article I definitely think there is a lot of artistry put into great trailers. Like the first District 9 teaser or the Inception-trailer (the one with Mind Heist). The Inception-trailer is particularly great as it shows the plot to something completely else (and is practically spoiler-free), yet it doesn't end up being misleading and is really exiting. In any case it sounds from the article that working on trailers is a thankless job. The fact that they might inter-cut your work with someone else's just sounds soul-crushing.
I also found it interesting there was no mention of the Don LaFontaine era. I was never really a fan of that type of trailer anyway.


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    I think Liam Neeson is a "must have" for any good trailer, and he's making films now too, so his fee is probably sky high.
    That guy can make an old shoe sound like a blockbuster.:)
  • I've always found trailer-editing to be just as, if not more fun that editing the actual movie. It kind of gives you the freedom to edit however you want, without being confined by plot. I've never been able to master the whole fast cutting technique though. It seems whenever I try it, all the clips just seem irrelevant and useless. But it is always amazing in the hollywood movie trailers.
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