Preview too big for preview window ! !

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Ok, so now i managed to get my Clips loading, i came upon this strange problem:-
Started a new scene as 'HDV 1080i'
1440 x 1080 - PAR 1.33 - 25 FPS
Imported a Cineform .avi which was 1440 x 1080i - PAR 1.33 - 25FPS........ Then Dropped it on the timeline.
Here's the strange thing, as the clip is exactly the same size & shape as the project i set up the clip should fill the window perfectly but it does'nt, it's zoomed right in.
Bottom right of the preview window shows zoom as 100% but to get my whole frame in view i have to set the zoom to 50%.
Is this me or is something amiss here ???
Cheers Hitfilmers


  • AxelWilkinson
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    The zoom is based on pixel resolution, not on the size of the viewer panel. 100% view will show the clip at a "1 pixel of your movie matches one pixel of your screen" ratio. No matter what size you make your viewing window, 100% will display the video at the same size, because it is relative to the monitor, not the interface. By the way, you can use the scroll wheel on your mouse to quickly adjust the scale of the viewer, when the mouse is positioned within the viewer panel.
  • SimonKJones
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    Yeah, when the viewer is at 100% the only way you'd be able to see a 1440x1080 project in its entirety is if you had a REALLY big screen. :) This is the same as in other editors and video software, unless I'm missing what you meant?