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Hello peeps,
Just making a little youtube series using HitFilm, and wanted some advice/comments/feedback on what i can improve :)

Many thanks!


  • Robin
    Robin Posts: 1,669 Enthusiast
    Wow, that holographic display effect was really convincing, and nice job on the overall video!
    I think the steam coming from the top left corner at one point still looks very CGIish though. Might be a good idea to use stock footage in this case, or try to blend the particle effect in better.
  • SimonKJones
    SimonKJones Posts: 4,448 Enthusiast
    Nicely put together. As Robin says, the hologram UI works really well - I like that it's almost a throwaway effect, you don't make a big deal of it, which makes it all the more convincing.
    The smoke elements did look a bit stuck on, almost like they didn't share the same lighting as everything else. A bit of colour correction there would help.
    Do you plan to do more of these? Seeing them from different CCTV cameras on the ship could be cool! Could be shown in a non-linear manner, as well, so the viewer has to piece the story together.
  • Thanks guys. Yeah, I have planned on about 5 episodes, revealing things and getting scarier as he gets closer to Earth :)
    The smoke was the only stock effects i used, lol. I shall try and colour match them better.
    Thanks again for the input.
  • StormyKnight
    StormyKnight Posts: 2,722 Ambassador
    Well done! Now you've got me wanting to see more. ;)