My feature film "COSMIC VILLAGE"

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So I'm not sure how many people carried over from fxhome but I was reluctant to move to another forum since fxhome was the only one I was actively involved in for however many years but here but here I am! Hope some people recognize the title "Cosmic Village" from my last fxhome thread!
Anyways Cosmic Village is the feature film that I've been working on for a little over a year and should finish filming sometime in May. It's a Visual Album with all the music done by my good friend Kwala ( ). Along with being a visual album it's MASSIVELYYYYY effects heavy which will be quite evident in the 2nd and last trailer that should come out as soon as we get some snow filming in.
I'm going to attempt to post a lot of stuff here but I update the facebook page more if you really love it that much haha. Here it is! ( )

And this will take you directly to all of the stills that are already up ( )

There's another dream sequence trailer thing on my vimeo page to but I don't feel the need to post that one here. Also there are tons of movie stills on the facebook page and I can't repost them all here although I will repost new stills if this thread gets any attention and people care haha. Okeydoke well later!