The Phoenix: KnightHawk Trailer

Here is what me and a couple of friends have been working on. The shots were quick edits just so we could show the acters what was possible. Better quality effects will be used in the final producion. But here is the trailer guys. Enjoy! =)


  • You really need to do some color correction and color grading. This is a really big thing you need to work on.
    The muzzle flashes should be more unique. It look like you use the same on over and over again.
    As for trailer it self. Sorry I'm not a war person. I loke anti'war themes like in Star Trek and Gundam.
  • Thanks for the response. I really didnt take into too much account for the color correction and such because they were wanting to see what it could look like so i put togeather some of the footage and threw in some effects where they would be added. Im still working on the final editing for each of the scenes.
  • SimonKJones
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    I was a little confused by the floating titles in the first half, which seemed to be moving around rather independently of the video. Were they supposed to be tracked on?
  • DearTelevision
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    That shake came when I uploaded it to YouTube for some reason I am in the process of seeing if i can fix that within YouTube because the export didnt have them moving.