lightsaber blades

lightsaber blades take along time to make because you have to track it everysingle scene. does anyone have a better idea
also check out at youtube


  • AxelWilkinson
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    There is no better way. Good effects usually take a long time and a lot of patience, and lightsabers are no exception. There is no better way to create the effects that to rotoscope the effect onto every frame of your video, one frame at a time. Just ask the guys at ILM. :)
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    A way to cheat.... Could I blue screen a sword, and then the background that I would replace where the sword would be just happens to be colored whatever color light saber i wanted to have? This effect would not have a glow that you would normally add but you could have a the exact shape of an item.
  • AxelWilkinson
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    In nearly every case, keying doesn't work for lightsabers. The better way to do this, if you want to attempt it, is to apply the key to a second layer of your footage, then use the key to select the green on the blade and remove everything else. Then you have a layer that is just the shape of the blade, and you can apply a neon glow effect to it and have your lightsaber ready to go.
    However, what you will find, in actually trying this, is that any time the blade is moving at all quickly, it blurs too much for any kind of key to successfully capture the blade shape accurately. You can improve the accuracy by using a really fast shutter speed, but then you don't get the fan shape that the blade should make when its moving, and it looks all jittery and not good. If the blade is just being held stationary, then keying can sometimes give acceptable results, but in nearly every case, the only way to do really good lightsaber effects, no matter what software you have, is to rotoscope the shapes one frame at a time.
  • Now when you make the lightsaber mask, how to you curve the top of the blade? Or make it so that it has a curved, and not a flat tip?
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    I used to own the original version of FX homeLAB.. bought the disk 10 years ago .. no longer works and was a dream to work with .. this NEWer version seems a bit confusing.. HOW... do you add lightsabes etc. I used this program years ago and won 2 fan films awards for my star wars films.. now coming out of retirement and trying this again..

    please advise.. this was the ONE program that helped in more ways than I can mention

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    Wow, ten year old thread from before when Hitfilm added the Lightsword effect! Back when you had to do manual roto!

    Anyways, a YouTube search for "Lightsword Tutorial Hitfilm" brings up a whole lot of helpful tutorials. Here's a few.

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