Clones clones and more clones...

Hi all, here is my first attempt at making clones using Hitfilm and Sony Vegas, I thought it came out ok except for the depleting daylight that occured and some not so tight masking...


  • That is really good! :D I am just curious, how did you get a clone to set the drink on the desk and then have the other actually drink from it in that single shot?
  • fredclips
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    Nice clip SteveO, I bet you are sorry you stood too close to one of the clones! ;)
    I do like the timing you had between the interactions.
    Having to mask a hand like you did gets time consuming and frustrating very quickly... or at least it does for me. After making that mistake once I have always tried very hard to keep my clones within their boundaries.

    @prfctdark, the drink shot is one of the easy but best tricks when doing clones. Once the camera is locked down record the clone putting the drink on the table first. Then record the second clone picking it up to drink. After the clone puts down the drink you can move the mask around the sitting clone so that the drink (what was already on the table) is visible. As long as the drink hasn't moved you cannot see the mask change. (As long as the light on the passed item hasn't changed.)
  • Thanks for the comments guys,
    Fredclips comment is exactly how I did the drink handling, if you watch closely you can see the mask change just after I put the drink down...
    Yeah, it was a shame about the hand action but to be honest I wasn't too worried about it, I don't mind looking amatureish because that's exactly what I am... I was just happy that the voice gaps were spaced well enough that it worked ok, you don't really see that many clone videos on YT where the clones talk to each other and now I understand why..