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I just started to redo the audio in E.M.P. my latest film and I was able to match the timing of the lines fairly well but I was wondering if any of you guys were more experienced then I am? I have a plan of what I'm going to do and all the sounds I need but any tips and tricks that would help me out here because the task is kinda overwhelming me at the moment considering the amount of work that will pile on top of me in post.


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    I don't know how you are trying to go about it, but it may help if you keep the audio from the camera as a reference, especially for things not seen by the camera such as foot steps, or what not. Other than that, it's just incredibly tedious and frustrating work at times. Maybe someone with more experience than me could help you out.
  • Marco compiled a very good guide back on Fxhome. It's one of the better guides regarding sound design and ADR advice. I have linked it below.
    Sollthar's Filmmaking Guide 2
    Unfortunately sound is always going to be a painstakingly slow process and there are no fast and easy way to get by it without compromising the overall quality of your film/project.
    When we were ADR'ing lines without a point of reference (clapperboard) we would have the actors watch the film with the degraded audio in a soundproofed environment. They would watch this over and over and finally watch it with headphones, so we could record their fresh lines isolated. They would read them over the performance and timed with the audio on the screen.
    It's hit and miss and not always perfect.