Shadow Activity (or, 2d tracking is great!)

I am really enjoying the tracking feature in Hitfilm 1.1 :)
My girls liked Paranormal Activity and wanted to try their own "found footage" film.
But, realising that we needed a couple of effects shots and understanding that we would need to lock the camera down, we never went ahead... until Hitfilm tracking!
I had no trouble getting a good track with the fast moving (and dark) video and was very happy with how I could comp the ghost into the scene.
My Canon 550d had a break for this one and everything was filmed with the point'n'shoots you see the girls holding.


  • Jernau
    Jernau Posts: 71
    Nice work guys! :)
    I'm a sucker for found-footage movies, and this was no exception! I particularly liked the use of two cameras, the professional looking breaking-news section, the non-existent cat and the final scare. It's impressive that HitFilm was able to track so well in that dark corridor too.
    Most of all though, I was impressed with Dana and Courtney's acting (again). Do they take drama lessons at school?
    And by the way, including Firefly definitely gets you extra points! B-)
  • StormyKnight
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    Nicely done! I too liked the two camera approach. Clever. B-)
  • fredclips
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    I was very happy to use two cameras myself. I do like to be able to cut between shots, far less setup with this style of video. (Although we must have done around 25 takes of the final scene, just to get it right)
    No drama lessons from the girls, they just enjoy doing this stuff. (I count myself lucky they are always keen to help me)