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Hi all,
About half a year ago I posted a video with a deatheater flying through the sky(with the hitfilm demo).
Due to work etc. I didn't have time to make some new vids past half year.
I updated the video and here is the result:

Expect more vids to come because I need to stock my portfolio as I will attend Film&Animation school this year.


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    Nice! The smoke is perhaps a little too uniform and thick - I seem to recall deatheaters being more wispy with more violent movement within the smoke. Also, the smoke is a little too black and solid at times - particularly in the plane shot, it doesn't feel like it's composited into the scene as realistically as it could be. It's quite a blue, washed out shot, and at the distance the deatheater is in that shot it should have a bit of atmospheric haze.
    The street shot is cool, though. It'd be great to see a 3D camera tracked version with a deatheater smashing in and out of buildings.
  • Thanks for the advice Simon!
    With the street shot I had some troubles getting a good track. I used the 2d tracker and the point was tracked good and was sticking nicely to the video but once I parented the debris and groundcrack, they didn't stick so good to the video.
    And I found another thing(bug maybe?): when I change the blending mode from imported media, the whole layer goes off(you see the eye closed). I have to change the layer to be visible again manually. It's not that big of a problem ofcourse but I never had this before 1.1 if I'm right.
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    Where are you changing the blend mode? I've not had that problem myself, so I'm wondering if you change it using a different method to myself.
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    It happens when I rightclick the layer in the timeline and than change blendmode.
    Edit: I checked again and it doesn't happen every time when I change it but it certainly does sometimes:)
  • why did you close your YT account, I wanted to watch the clip!!
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    Try changing it in the Controls panel instead to see if that makes a difference.