Jedi vs Samurai

I shot this a few months ago and edited now. I shot with with me T3i and as you can see I had trubble focueing. One thing I have to say that I camcorder is better for shooting your self then in a DSLR.
I'm not a Star War fan. I thing Gundam is much better with it's ani-war themes in it.


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    There seem to be a few other issues here other than focus:
    - The lightsaber is composited very strangely so that it's a dark smear, rather than a glowing beam. Try using add blend for light-based VFX such as this.
    - There are loads of really strange masking glitches all through the video, with parts of it popping on and off. I'd really recommend fixing obvious stuff like that before uploading a video publicly.
    - Masking around the guy with the white outfit is rather poor - again, you should aim for a certain minimum level of quality control before uploading.
    - The red shape on the samurai's blade swing doesn't look right. I'm not sure what you were going for that that, but it needed a bit more work. :)

    The first thing to do, really, is fix the masking and layer pop issues, as they're very apparent and easy to fix with a bit of time.
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    I noticed most of those issues before I did any work on it. but I didn't type them out. I whould just reshoot the video over then fix it. I only spant as few hour working on this because I just wanted something to edit.
    This first real issues I had was the white fence. Before I shot this video I did some test shots and it make it too bright to see anything. So for this shot I had 2 len fiters on. A UV and Polarizing fiters at the same thing.
    This lightsaber I didn't really care that much.
    The rotoscope alone the Samurai. There's a story. I did start with with just HF but I had trubble rotoscoping at the point where the two cross. So I try using rotobrush in AF. But do to the focusing and white fence the clip didn't came out as I hope.
    The air slash was the one effect I want to do and I FAIL. I did had it blue as one point. First I chould't see the blade the main reason. I should of made the finnle shape of the air slash and work my way back to this start of it. Will I'm going to be trying to a Fruit Ninja soon so I can get and practice. The Fruit Ninja effect is kinda of the same effect as I wanted to do here.
    The reason why I out a bad video. I to put out better quality stuff but I new to compositing. It also months secie my last big video and all the equipment I have know like HF and AF I'm still new too and after this video was as sewing to the past 2 months so I didn't get to untell now and I just want to edit some big that was to big and the quality.
    Next I try to in the spring ot summer. I with have the samurai as Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin a red kimono inset of white gi and used a camera with a autofocus.