Hey guys,
I'm new to HitFilm, but no doubt some of you will remember me from Fxhome as Ashman. It's taken me awhile to get round and signed on to HitFilm, but alas, I finally did it. 2011 has been a somewhat hectic year for me.
I'm now a proud father to our son, Ellis Alexander, been busy with that, and so very tired! I've also completed a diploma in Advertising and I'm currently in the first year of my degree. It's all linked to a new job which started at the beginning of 2011, complete career change on that front, but it did see me create an iPhone app for the company as well as a game for a tradeshow. Work related stuff, but fun nonetheless.
We also managed to finish the Fxhome sci-fi film project which was finally released in September.
So 2011 was a very busy time for me and since September I have kept my head down from the social media front to get some R&R.
Currently working on a film project that once complete, I'll fire out for feedback. Keeping this one very small as it's been some time since I got involved on a production.
Hope all are well, and the New Year is a good one. If the Mayan calendar is to be believed - better make it the best yet. Time is precious!
All the best,


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    Hiya Ash, good to see you around. Hopefully 2012 is less hectic, but still productive for you.
  • Hello Ashley, welcome to the hitfilm forums! Congratulations again on your son and completing Fracture- i enjoyed it immensely and it was worth waiting for! Looking forward to future projects from you, all the best.
  • Well, it's good to be back, or, here...
    I guess it's a fresh start. Running this from my smartphone so finding navigation a little hard - trying to locate a section to upload previous movies/works. Is there a section for that still? What's everyone been up to? Reading through some production threads - see some familiar faces.
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    Hey Ash! Good to see you here. :) Sounds like you had an epic 2011 - many congratulations to your and your wife on the baby. Exciting times ahead there. :)
    We don't have a movie showcase area yet, but stay tuned...
    Any details you can share on your new film project?
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    Hi, Ash! Congrats on the new family member and good to hear from you again!
    I checked out all the Cottage Industry Films. While I liked all the movies, I really liked "OMG". All the way to the cell tower and no service? I couldn't stop LOLing. :)) But my favorites were "Hard Days Knight" and "Poppies". It's great to see tribute being payed to war vets in a respectful way. The poem was exquisite and the footage to match was brilliant. In "Hard Days Knight", the actors seemed so natural and Donald came across as genuine to his cause. The line about wearing jeans and saying you're a knight is priceless. BTW- the computer messages are hilarious.
    Thanks for the wonderful entertainment, Ash!

  • Any details you can share on your new film project?
    This project is another collaboration between myself and Clayton, our last film together was 'Robbing Peter' which was released way back in 2010! We both feel we have progressed with our writing and with this next project we intend to put it to the test with an extremely low budget, minimal locations and a principle cast of two.
    Our short film is titled 'Day Return' and will be very much set in the tone of an Alfred Hitchcock movie - atmospherically and in tone. It sees our protagonist, Ian - a 45 year old man, taking a short break from the city to a run down sea side town. During a stroll along the breakwater he encounters a teenage girl called Lucy, who attempts to commit suicide. He promptly reacts and our story unfolds from there.
    I'll get more details up about it in a production thread as we gear up to shoot. Although we have a pretty tight budget we do have access to some pretty nifty equipment which will hopefully give our short some solid production values. Beyond that we're going all out with our casting selection, the acting will be integral (as always) in allowing the story to reach its full potential.
    I have a personal project in the pipeline as well, one I've been meaning to get off the ground since Between the Lines, a post apocalyptic drama, but with that it'll be about timing and cash flow. It's still a project I hold very close.
    Speaking of Between the Lines - I also did an interview with the BBC back in November. They're running a program early next year on 2 about Britain's coastal defence during ww2 - as I produced BtL under Brixham Battery, it will be a half hour episode as part of the series. So, there;s a good chance a few clips of BtL with be on TV early next year - who'd have thought, eh. The show is predominantly about the Battery, but the film was of great interest to them.
    StormyKnight - thanks for taking time to check out our short films. We'll have more coming out soon!
  • Darren
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    Good to see you here Ash! And welcome to fatherhood! Great times ahead man!
  • SimonKJones
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    Sounds like a good spark for a story there, Ash. Also sounds much more serious than most of your non-WW2 work, and a real opportunity to get into some fine acting detail. Looking forward to that production diary.
    Great news about BtL potentially getting some more airtime. That's still one of the most ridiculously high quality amateur debuts ever. :)
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    Welcome Ashley, glad to have another member here. Know how tough it is when a new member of the family arrives. My daughter now 22 and finishing off 2d and 3d animation at art school. She may have a chance at working for Disney when she graduates. Already got declared student of merit at one animation school for her highest grade point average in the class and her tutoring other students. I'm a proud poppa. :D Just starting to get equipment and funds together for my own indie feature. Must now concentrate on learning several programs including Hitfilm to get where I want to be once production starts.
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