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Hi guys,
I run a little production group titled as above, I'll be using hitfilm for most of my special effects. Had a little play of the demo today
as you can see here
just a little masking of some stock clips. I'll get further into the 3d editing when I grab the full program and set up my green screen stuff again. Mostly I'm looking to use the program for particle and muzzle flash effects, which will be a pain for me now as my state has issued new laws regarding toy guns that look realistic!
anyway feel free to look over the rest of the stuff on my channel, it's not anything great but has a few play around with various programs stuff. I'll be using this thread to post more clips as I work on them, mainly my cyberpunk short film project.


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    Hi UberWigget, thanks for sharing (nice clip :)). We look forward to seeing what you come up with.
    A cyberpunk film project eh? Sounds interesting. Do you have more details you can share?
  • not at the moment, i'm busy working and doing a bajillion errands this weekend :( also i have a write up but not a website. I'll post something on it next week when i get ultimate and a new pop up greenscreen. But before then I might make a small action sequence in my punisher outfit which seems to be popular.
  • Excellent news! (for me at least) because I am a registered business (production) I am exempt from the new imitation firearms laws, which means I can have as many realistic looking but non functional firearms as I please! Thanks to hitfilm's totally sweet muzzle flash system the functioning part doesn't matter :P
    I'm going to today and tomorrow work on story boarding for my Punisher short, will be filming it next week and editing it thereafter. Hopefully by this weekend i'll have some storyboard images to showcase as well as a demonstration firefight when I pick up my copy of hitfilm.
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    A Punisher short!?
    Hell yeah! :D
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    I'm with spydurhank! Can't wait to hear more about it!
  • well finally got hitfilm today after nearly having a heart attack. the atm i went to withdraw money to transfer to my paypal account decided to process the transaction but not issue me the cash!! :S:S:S so yeah some grovelling at the bank got me my money and a 21 day investigation :P Anyway I got the new green screen but it was rainy outside so I used it in my spare room which has iffy lighting, I'm suitably impressed by hitfilms' green screening, did a pretty decent key with masking. I quickly made this

    and by quick I mean it was easy to do but i spent about 30 mins playing with lights to try and match the colours.
    As for my punisher video, i've story boarded the whole opening which gives the backstory and I've got an idea for the action sequence. I've uploaded the pictures to facebook but i'm a terrible drawer so i'll leave them there :P I'll be trying to film some of it next week so hopefully i'll be able to show off something else.
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    Well that was pretty good. Looking forward to more info on the punisher video!
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    Nice job. :D
    Any chance we could get a link to your story boards?
    It doesn't matter if they're good or not... it's The Punisher man! You've gotta let us check em' out. :D
  • it's on my facebook but i'll start putting them up on my fb page and i'll drop links. as far as story goes; i play a close personal protection guard who turns into punisher to fight the mob after my girlfriend reporter is shot during a driveby killing of an informant. pretty standard generic rage and admittedly i'm not a wikipedia when it comes to punisher :P but for a 3 minute action sequence it's enough.
  • no punisher stuff yet, but here is a 30 minute or so job on my company promo ! now i can attach it to all my clips :D:D

    was actually very easy once the tutorial vi shod what to do with the missile smoke and flare. I had some trouble because i made the flare a 3d object which did not work at all! (it ended up giving it a cool look in the window effect though) But anyway yeah, smoke and text and animation all done in HitFilm, the window smash and the sounds were done in premiere because i needed to increase the speed of the missile, and I couldn't find a speed option in HF.
    This week i'll be doing some shooting for the punisher, hopefully will have some small snippets for you tomorrows end or tuesday
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  • thanks :D I also made a snappier 6 second version after complaints that it took too long, which is fair enough at 11 seconds for a 30 second spec fx clip i can understand :P
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    ok I know i promised a punisher film, but I have NO FRIENDS! well I do but they all work during the week and I work weekends, so I couldn't get enough people on the same day x( But I did get my mp5k and 1911's delivered today so I decided to do my own video. Keep in mind it's camera op'd by ME, starring ME, edited by ME etc etc. It is really hard to film something and do focus etc when I can't see what's on the camera directly. Hence why the shed scene is so damn dark, it looked ok when I set it up but I guess I was wrong :(

    That is the film with no sound, just edited together, I'm putting it through the rounds on hitfilm now, just wanted to show this so you can see the different stages of how I made it. The full clip will be up today/tomorrow depending on how quick I get through hf.
    stage 2; spec fx put in, no sound still but heeeyyyy. skip to 55 second sin for when the fx actually start
  • new missile test! after watching the 3d rain tute from HitFilm I decided to test out using that technique to create foreground/backgrounds from the same image and use masking to make missile effects covered 9as opposed to masking the effect or keyframing active etc.)

    it worked pretty well except the only issues I found was using a grade layer for the flare meant that when placed above the foreground in the composite, it would actually appear in front of the foreground, but when placed behind, the entire missile effect would be hidden for the whole shot :S
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    Grade layers separate the timeline into different 3D spaces. So any 3D layers below the grade layer would exist separately to 3D layers above the grade layer. That's what I used to do the 3D reflection trick in this video:

    Instead of using a grade layer, use a black 3D plane as the base for the light flare, set to Screen blend in its layer properties.
    If you're using a point layer to drive the particle effect you can also parent the plane to the same point. This will make the plane move in front of and behind the tower at the same time as the particle effect.
  • ahh i see. yes I was putting the flare in like the tutorial showed, using the grade layer but a plane would make more sense. thanks for the heads up.
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    Working on my entry in the HitFilm special effect comp. Really excited about it actually, not just because I came up with a really neat idea that I wanted to try out or because my neat idea turns out to be relatively simple using HitFilm (hooray!)but mostly because I can't wait to see what people make to outdo it!

    edit: the latest video with test keying footage!

    this is the first bit of imagery i've done up, it took me longer to draw the circles in photoshop than it did to animate them in 3d in HitFilm! Obviously this isn't all of the effect, I'm working on the particles now and will be filming the set and green screen stuff tomorrow hopefully.
    The new video is actually the third one i have done, it's just so damn easy!
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    Cool UberW, nice job! I liked the rotating graphics, looked good! The shockwave cloud could have moved faster though, but im sure this was just a first quick test. You had the same problem with the greenscreen as i did, blocky at the edges, im going to try some greenscreen test soon, to see if i can make it better this time.
  • YEah I keep fiddling with it to make it quicker, i've sped it up so it goes in under one second, but still looks a little slow. Anyway another video to show the particle effects i put in
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    Lighting tips on green screen
  • hehe thanks prospero, yeah the throwaway clip I was using for my special effect shot was one on a muslin backdrop in my old studio. I only had a few par cans set up at that time so it was 3 lights for him and the green screen, was done shoddily for comedic effect of the show it was used for. I've got one of those pop up muslin screens now so I can do some better outdoors shots, the studio backdrop is at my brothers photography studio now s I don't have any where to set it up :(
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    Here is my competition entry, I was going to put in some more lights but even the ambient light seemed to turn my crosses into solid blocks, and I'm too tired to work it out :P
    EDIT here is the much quicker version with MUCH MUCH better sound work.
    The effect is the final particle cross one, not the sideways green tornado or the glowing eyes.

    in full 1080p thanks to the samsung galaxy s2!
  • Playing around with some old footage on my new pc (woo 64bit and new graphics card and more ram woohooo!) It's been great working with the new pc as even 1080p footage playback runs at full framerate. (specs are i5 2400 with 8gb ram and xfx hd6850)
    Have been installing stuff so haven't had a sit down fiddle with effects yet but I tested out some footage and threw on a luminance key along with a hue shift and got a funky cartoon look.
    might play around with it more and come up with a small cartoon idea. But don't worry! I'm still working on the punisher shoot, just trying to organize a crew.
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    latest video was this,

    edit: redone the video with me sitting on the roost. Was going to throw more people in it down the bottom but too much effort to film myself in the backyard from that angle. Going to have to try and get some hours in the old studio I worked at, it has a full size green screen area :D
    also i made this today too using the same deal, only green screening a sword to try tracking it using pfhoe.

    the fire is the only effect used, the flare was actually REAL! :)