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Hey guys! Though I'm rarely ingrained into this community since the shift from FXHome, I thought I would share with you all our latest project- an alcoholic-based parody, which we've used to sort of 'cap off' our trilogy of brohemian liquor spoofs. (Including predecessors Inebriation and The Brocial Network.
As I previously-mentioned in one of my last project postings, we're tackling some more dramatic fare this year in longer format, and thought it would be fitting to ring that in with another exercise in comedy. Accordingly, we took all our technical ability and a silly concept, and had at it for one last time (at least......for a long time, that is) with the comedic gag type of material.
[center]The result is Drink, a parody trailer of the 2011 Ryan Gosling film Drive.[/center]
[sub][indent]An Atomic Production. 'Drink' is a parody of the Ryan Gosling film 'Drive'. There are no good hangovers.
Directed by Ben & Andrew Adams
Production Coordinator Ben Haschke
Executive Producer Tucker Moore
Dir. of Photography Ben Adams
Edited by Andrew Adams
Written by Andrew Adams & Josh Cavazos[/indent][/sub]

Like our previous efforts, we really hope we get a groundswell of viewership on this one, and would love for everyone here to check it out and, if you are so willing, share it with your friends and social media outlets. This project, though seemingly vacuuous and brief in content- was actually a great testing ground and learning experience for us as well, moreso than many of our previous projects. Wholly-dedicated to as-immaculate-as-we-could-get-it production design, we pushed ourselves just to try and create something.
We built and lit a set for the elevator sequence, which we modeled after mere seconds of shots in the real trailer. We quilter and constructed custom clothing, including the iconic white satin scorpion jacket, for the parody.
We secured more, harder-to-get locations than we have previously in quite a while, and I worked with multiple casting firms that brought in an immense number of auditions and requests (way too many, not very qualified people, even for our purposes), which we aren't usually used to- all adding to our experiences in producing for future projects. And then, even all that aside- hey, we had fun with this, and hope it combines the humor of Inebriation with the precision of The Brocial Network the way many of our viewers and fans have asked for. This concludes the parody trailers for a while, so please do give it a look!
Additionally, if you're feeling generous- we'd love for you guys to check out our social media outlets, and follow us wherever you feel comfortable doing so! (Though we'd love it if you wanted to out of enthusiasm, as well)

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Thanks for checking it out!


  • Aculag
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    I was just about to say, "Aw, come on, another one?" but then I watched it. It's definitely my favorite of the parody trailers you've done. You guys really captured the look and mood of Drive well, and you got a lot of really great locations and actors. Quite a handful of laugh out loud moments, as well. Awesome job!
    I'm still glad you're going to put the alcohol parodies aside for a while, because I've been excited to see you guys work on something more substantial for what seems like ages, but this was definitely a good use of your time. :) Whatever happened to A Long Walk in Mexico? Did I miss that one?
  • Thought this was a very good parody on what was one of my favourite films of last year. It's well edited and the cinematography well replicated. The lighting setup completes the professional look and has much improved on your previous 'Inception' parody, at least that is what I feel. Furthermore the casting is spot on with consistant performances that are executed like the film itself. Kudos to your team all round - hair, make-up and wardrobe especially did a good job, costumes and props looked great.
    What are you guys up to now. Are you and Ben working on any other short films or music videos? With regards to your parody work, are these being used to bolster viewing numbers/recognition. Is it part of a bigger plan to help market future work etc..
  • Darren
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    I haven't seen Drive, but I really like this trailer as well. Both content and technically done well.
  • Andrew
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    Thanks, guys!
    We did this to round-off mine and Ben's work together on parody trailers as sort of a 'trilogy' (Inebriation, The Brocial Network, Drink) for the fun of it; but the ulterior motive was to test ourselves (as we did with the two previous ones in the arena of comedy with Inebriation and technical precision with Brocial) in the area of production design and casting- see if we could build sets/make clothes and cast a range of ages appropriately, economically, and convincingly.
    Luckily, I feel that we were successful with this. At least in the learning process.
    From a career/commercial standpoint, this was meant as an exercise to potential LA employers/networks/studios on a creative side to sort of 'prove' ourselves in consistency since now being represented in the town and having creative interests there. It builds on the portfolio of work, has a viral potential, and is meant to be solid and consistent- so that's what the process and purpose was with that.
    What we're doing now is working on a dramatic crime drama we hope to campaign for and submit to the Student Academy Awards this spring. We'll be working on that through this month and next.
  • SimonKJones
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    Worth it for the final line alone. Genius.
    To be honest, I wasn't overly excited about this (hence I've only just watched it) as I felt with Brocial and Tree of Frat (or whatever it was) played out this mini-meme. You're getting good at the parodies, but by always going with a drinking analogy it was all a bit predictable and formulaic.
    Drink actually works really, really well. Like Inebriation, the drinking spoof actually fits the subject material perfectly, in a way that I don't think it really did with Brocial and Frat of Tree. It doesn't feel forced, but natural, while of course still being entirely ludicrous - and that's what moves it back into laugh out loud territory.
    Production-wise it is fairly peerless, of course - and great to see you nail the audio, which is often the only weak point in your stuff.
    Really impressed, guys, and the technical quality of this makes me HUGELY excited to see pretty much anything you do next. But yeah, leave the drink parodies for a while. :)
  • Aculag
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    Drink actually works really, really well. Like Inebriation, the drinking spoof actually fits the subject material perfectly, in a way that I don't think it really did with Brocial and Frat of Tree. It doesn't feel forced, but natural, while of coures still being entirely ludicrous - and that's what moves it back into laugh out loud territory.
    I totally agree with this. It's no secret that I wasn't a fan of Brocial Network, and Frat Tree of Life had some really good shots, but ultimately wasn't interesting or engaging for me. This one is much more of a "sequel" to Inebriation than those other two. None of the lines seem like they were forced to include an alcohol reference, and everything just works. :)
  • SimonKJones
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    Yeah, it doesn't just feel like a find & replace line replacement job or forced frat humour. As with Inebriation, the drink switch actually seems to 'make sense' within the world the trailer sets up.
    I'm slightly amused that we're having an in-depth discussion about the verisimilitude of drink spoof universes, but it's actually a very important thing for me, when it comes to comedy.
  • Andrew
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    Well thanks, guys!
    The Frat Tree of Life, as I think I might've mentioned before- was something I did in-conjunction with and for a website, and without Ben's assistance- so while I'm very proud of it, in that I shot a good portion of it myself, we don't consider it to be 'part' of the 'drinking trilogy' as we call them.
    While we loved our own eureka moment of cleverness with Inebriation, we felt it didn't hit on the verisimilitude of filmmaking that we could've replicated (and did) with The Brocial Network. Conversely, with Brocial we thought we got the visual style and world-building of the collegiate feel completely down, but at the shortchange of not-as-clever-of-a-theme.
    With Drink, we wanted to cap it off with something we felt equally represented theme and execution, and did both well. Hopefully with that, we were successful. Not just for our own edification, but as a validating example to some of our prospective employers/contacts.
    Additionally, I'm surprised by comments on cinematography and audio a little bit. While we ADR'd ]and boomed the entire project, and mixed accordingly, I felt it came out rougher than the mix on Brocial, which benefited (in my opinion) from having a continuous song behind it.
    Similarly surprised by comments about the shots, as I shot the majority of them (at least, the ones you see in the final cut of the trailer) myself. The disparity in shot-numbers between me and Ben, who usually dominates the lens on our projects, has actually caused quite some argument between us as to whether my shots are 'good' or not. :D
  • SimonKJones
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    Well, it all worked very well for me as I watched it, which is the main thing. The fact is worked 'overall' better for me than Brocial may well have influenced my opinion of the visuals and audio, though, to be fair.
    I'm not particularly familiar with Drive, so I don't know how well the visuals match up, but on their own merits I thought Drink was a lovely looking beast.
  • Andrew
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    Oh, you absolutely have to see it, Simon. Drive is a really, really great movie. Super moody and extremely well-edited/paced. (Aside from also being a great acting piece/wrenching dramatic effort.)
    For reference, here's the original trailer we're spoofing in ours:

    To be fair, a large portion of the reason we decided to do another one, aside from thinking up what we consider a decently clever idea that worked well, is that Drive is one of our favorite movies of 2011- and we knew right from the get-go we had an actor/friend that bears a very close, 'gets-called-him-all-the-time' resemblance to Ryan Gosling. (Harrison, who plays the character, can also be seen in our short from a few years ago, No Rest For The Wicked (embedded below).
  • Andrew
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    Although this got somewhat of an underwhelming response here, I thought I'd post the side-by-side comparison video we created for the parody project. Check it out below.
  • SimonKJones
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    I'll definitely be checking it out as soon as it's available in the UK on blu-ray. It was one of the releases that unfortunately fell into the wedding/honeymoon/Christmas period for me last year. I have a ton to catch up on.
  • Max
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    Just watched this, here are my thoughts.
    This looks and feels great, really well made not just on a comparative level but also in terms of showing another step up in terms of your own skills. It makes me very excited to see some new original dramatic stuff from you guys. I really admire the precision with matching the trailer, especially the elevator scene which is very close to the actual trailer.
    So, on a technical level, in every area, acting, cinematography, sound, production design etc it works well and is really strong. But, I didn't laugh, I didn't even smile, my emotional response was complete neutrality.
    The reason for that is because it all looks so good, and it all looks like it's taken a lot of effort, and for me that sort of kills the joke with a parody trailer. It's just too slick. With Inebriation I felt like it was spontaneous and loose and really funny, with this it's so controlled and focused on being so much like the original that the jokes take a back seat and it's like watching the original trailer with the dialogue changed. I mean, the lead actor looks so much like Gosling, which should be good but somehow nullifies the humor even more.
    I think that for something like this to be funny, like Inebriation was, it has to be absurd and really exaggerate the source material. With Inebriation I felt it worked so well because it subverted the existential ideas of what constituted reality inherent in Inception by replacing the profound with the idiotic.
    So yeah, I think that on the technical side it's impressive and exciting as an indication of what you could do, but in terms of content it doesn't work for me.
    Really looking forward to seeing more original work from you guys, hopefully very soon, I have a lot of respect for what you do and I'm excited by your progress.
  • Andrew
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    Thanks for the reply, Max!
    As always I greatly appreciate and respect your opinion and perspective on our work- most-especially your more in-depth review and analysis.
    It is true that Drink is more technically clinical than our previous comedic efforts, and in constructing sets, creating wardrobe, and casting look-alikes we may have admittedly somewhat robbed the project of its 'soul', at least humor-wise. But as I mentiioned previously, Ben and I also believe the experience in creating this has been an invaluable lesson and test in further exacting production design, construction, casting, and numerous other facets of filmmaking- which will serve us well on our forthcoming dramatic effort. A benchmark of technical precision and producing for our team, at it's core, which we're happy to have hit.
    Either way, though, I'm sorry we couldn't make you laugh.
    As I mentioned above and numerous times before, this is our last comedic effort- and parody- for a while. Starting this month and moving on into next we'll be shooting a roughly 15-20 minute crime drama (which I shared with you last fall, I believe, Max) among other things. We had intended to shoot it based on the script I wrote last fall as part of a class- but we grew too attached to it and wanted to make it into a proper short film. One that, cool enough, actually now has an executive producer and some funding behind to create. That project is called 'Hell Or High Water', and you'll be hearing more on it later.
    For now, aside from our latest major work (Drink, duh), Ben and I produced another scene recreation for his winter course, which we did in-substitute of producing the original short in haste. That scene did in fact end up being the Breaking Bad sequence I posited us possibly doing a few months ago. It's still got rough audio, because we've been busy with other things, but if you're interested in checking it out I'm embedding it below:
  • MarkOm
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    I really enjoyed it. I actually want to see it
  • Andrew
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    Thanks, man!
    We actually got this picked up a few places and now it's featured on the main page of the comedy website Funny Or Die! Check out the main page, or view it in the FoD player direct link below- and be sure to click 'Funny' and not 'Die'! ;)