My First Video

Hi everyone,
This is my first try at using HitFilm Ultimate. Fantastic Program.
There is really nothing wrong with my thermostat, but had to really have some fun with this. LOL
All I did was capture the original raw video, added the laser, explosion, and smoke effects, then publish the completed video. I then searched the web for some laughing files, and found a good one that was royalty free, and added it to the end of the video which I put together using Windows Movie Maker. This is almost too funny. I also realized that I should have used a flare effect in the area where the laser "shoots" out of the TV Remote, smooth that out, and it may have looked more realistic, but heh, for the first time, it looks interesting.
Here is my youtube link:


  • Froi
    Froi Posts: 966
    Hello there, as a first attempt, I must say its looking pretty sweet!
    If you want to improve on these cool effects you can do numerous tweaks to your effects to make them look even better like grading them to match the colours of your scene and masking shadows and what not.
    Here is what I would have done if I was going to create that scene:
    When the tv remote shoots the laser I would add a small, thin smoke layer like you would get for a silenced gun shot, then like you said, add a flare on the area where the laser is coming from. But this flare means that you need to put some feathered masks in to make areas glow where the flare would have had an impact on it (watch freddiew's muzzle flash on YouTube to find out how to do that :) ) then I would put a very thin laser beam with a faint glow around it , I would also give the beam some motion blur and feathering to make it fit in with the surroundings a bit more. Also because the laser beam would be emitting light you will want to do some more masking on areas where the light would be shon on (just like with the flare. but make sure the bottom layer, the one you will be masking on, is the same kind of colour as the laser beam). Also I would place a bullet hole or a hole in the wall where the thermostat was instead of having a raging fire, and coming out of the hole I would have some thin smoke particles. (I'd also add a bullet hit effect when the laser hits he walls, by using some stock footage of a bullet hit. I think fxhome out some up for a free download for Christmas :) ) and then if I were to be really detailed I would start duplicating and mirroring the smoke effects and playing with the transparency settings to make them look like shadows of the bullet hit smoke layers and what not (again freddiew does some good, quick tutorials on how to do these effects, they are on his channel freddiew2 )
    But to be honest that is how I would make it, and everyone will have a different way of creating a scene like that, but overall it's awesome for a first attempt with hitfilm, much better than my first attempts with the software I use.
    If you want to check out the bullet hit stock footage I have a video on my channel where it has the stock footage in action... ... It's called charlie 'bites' episode 9 (parcel shooting) and it shows some bullet hit effects with bullet holes.
    I hope what I said makes sense, and helps you out
  • Jodec3
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    Thanks Froi for the great suggestions. I will try some tweaking.
    I will also check out your youtube/froiproductions, and yes, what you are describing does make sense.