2nd clip, The Big Fall

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Another one of my Daughters friends made a little clip with her while they were out on Christmas break. She didn't want to do it at first, but after a little coaxing, she turns out to be a natural actor. When I do something like this again, I will pay a lot of attention to camera settings. Sure wish I would have had the shutter speed higher for some of it. I just have HitFilm Standard so I didn't come up with a very good blood effect...pretty bad job on that part, but the rest came out OK. Any advice on it is welcome. I would like to get good at this someday. :P I need to invest in a decent mic. You can here a high pitch whine in some of the footage. Any ideas on how to get rid of that in post? I looked through all of the audio filters in Sony Vegas Movie Studio, and that's like a whole new language to me. Played with a few of them, but no luck.



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    If you just paste the link straight in, the video will embed automatically. I've edited this post for you. :)
    The fall is nicely done. :D
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    Thanks for the tip on the link. Thanks for the comments on the fall too. She was actually jumping onto a trampoline. So since I had to move her on down to the ground, I cut the speed of that part in half to try and keep it more realistic. The falling part is where I wish I would have used a higher shutter speed. Each frame was so blurry, it was hard to mask it. A lot to learn, but that's what I need to stay interested in something. :P