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Hey guys,
So I'm finally getting around to starting the film blog I've been wanting to do for like.... seven months. I've put together a handful of my first entries, but I've yet to settle on a final "design" or "theme" for my blog. I don't have a lot of web design or blogging experience, so at least to begin with, my website design will be fairly simplistic (probably just one of the presets that wordpress offers). That said, I'd like to add an image to the top of each post, to sort of draw in the readers and generally make the blog look more slick and professional. For example, if I post about a specific actor, I'd naturally include a photo of said actor. Sort of like Slashfilm does. However, I have absolutely no clue about copyright laws and/or image usage rights. Am I allowed to take random pictures of actors, movie stills, posters, etc. and use them on my blog? Or do I need to use specific ones that are designated as "free use" or whatever? And if I do, where can I find images like that? If anyone could point me in the right direction on this, that would be swell!


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    The actual copyright issue in most cases will be with the photographer, or the company they took the photo for. However, IMDB gives links for a lot of actors to their publicists/agents, and they will certainly have some images on hand for people to use for advertising purposes, so you could try contacting the publicist for the actor in question. If you find the right one, they might even be able to give you some pointers on that specific legal quandry, and the best way to deal with it.
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    I've wondered about this myself. The nature of quick turnaround blogging is that you simply CAN'T clear rights to images if you also want to get the post up in good time. I imagine for non-defamatory, non-profit-making blogs it's really not an issue. If you're going to be overtly critical or try to make money from the site, that changes things of course.
    There's possibly also a difference between using a full original image and a cropped/altered version. It's an area I'd like to know more about myself!
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    I wonder if this would fall under Fair Use? If we're only using the image to "compliment" posts where we're either "criticizing", "commenting", or "reporting"?
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