Set matte like in After Effects

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I'm trying out Hitfilm to see if I can accomplish the tasks I usually do in After Effects and this is where I'm stuck:
If I have a comp like this:
In After Effects I use channel>set matte to set the alpha of layer 1 to the alpha of layer 2 and I get this:
In Hitfilm, if I use keying>set matte I get this:
Is there an easy way to get the same results that I get in After Effects?


  • IamJoshuaDavies
    IamJoshuaDavies Staff Administrator Posts: 360 Staff
    Hi dauid,
    Good spot, I noticed this myself just a little too late for it to be fixed for release. Our Set Matte filter overwrites the layer alpha when we should give you the option to add, subtract or overwrite the current alpha. This functionality will appear in an update.
    Until then there are ways to work around it....
    You would have to make a composite shot specifically for your alpha. In that comp, if you're working with masks/shapes, you could use standard layer blend modes on shape to build up the alpha you need. After this you would just use Set Matte as you already have been but selecting your alpha comp.
    If you are using keyed layers (or a combination of keying and masks) the same technique applies but you would need to copy the keyed layers in to the alpha comp and use the channel swapper to set all channels to the alpha. Then go ahead and use the blending modes to get the result you want.
    I hope this helps?