Serial number issue?

I'd like to download FXpresets from but it tells me I must register my product key to my account so I am able to. However when I tried I kept getting an invalid serial number error. Is this because my HitFilm Standard is registered to this website? Sorry but I'm just very confused.


  • Robin
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    The presets on the Fxhome site are all for the Lab Products (VisionLab Studio, EffectsLab and CompositeLab), they are not compatible with HitFilm. Therefore, you would have to register one of the Lab products to get access to the presets, but if you only have hitfilm they wouldn't work for you anyways.
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    Robin's answer is spot-on, but just to add to it, the registration systems on and are separate, just as the sites are separate, and you cannot register HitFilm on the FXhome website. Similarly, you cannot register the PhotoKey products sold on on the HitFilm website.
  • So is there any point on registering the serial number then?
  • Robin
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    So is there any point on registering the serial number then?
    Well, in order to use the software, you have to register the serial number, so yes, there is a point to it ;)
  • Okay, so how do I register the serial number then?
  • Robin
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    When you first start the program, it will ask you to either activate a serial number or start in Demo mode. Do the first, and you're good to go.
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    @NicholasGMajor on the top right corner of this page is a Menu dropdown. Go to "Account" and you should be able to retrieve your serial number. 

    That said, in Hitfilm, go to the "File" menu on the top left of the main screen and select "Options" then the "Activation" tab. You might not even need the serial. I think you can just enter your email address. 

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  • I am having a major setback with the registration of my software. I have been using it since 8pro was released. My computer was stolen from my office and I now have a new one. I went onto my account an deregistered the stolen computer. I installed the software onto the new system. There is no activation opening window. I have gone as far as uninstalling the software completely and reinstalling from the website. AGAIN no activate option. the software just opens and doesn't allow me to do the work I need to get out to my clients. Whats is going on? The 72 hour wait for help is insane! I have deadlines to complete. HELP!

  • I found the options settings under file. I click on "activate program" after clicking on that, the only options I have is Deactivate. Apparently, the user has to deactivate the software, close it, open it again, activate, enter you info, close it again and reopen.  These instructions would be GREAT on the website!