Any thoughts on how to re-create Scanimation?

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Ok I can't believe i'm even asking about this, but if anyone would it would be me. Scanimation is an effect that probably never should have been invented and should probably be left for dead. But being the retro geek I am, I really want a way to recreate the old Scanimate effects of the 60's, 70's and 80's. Any thoughts of how to go about this with hitfilm? If I actually pull this off someone is going to shoot me for doing it.
Yes I am serious, I really would like to reproduce the look of these effects, no this is not a joke. Yes. if I succeed there will be attempts on my life, but I am undaunted, I want to put Scanimate back into some of my videos.
There are some ... ok i was going to say great examples of scanimate on youtube... but no, they are not great, they are really horrible. But yes if you are that curious you can find examples on youtube that will make your brain hurt and make you hate me because i made you curious enough to go look.
ok, video links added...
this first one has some good examples of the sort of effects i am looking for...

Kind of a blast from the past report on computer animation


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    That guy does NOT interview well, watching that video was brutal. Nonetheless, I watched through the entire thing, read the wiki article you linked, and found a few other links about Scanimate, and I'm still in the dark. I've never heard of it before now, and I still don't understand how it works, what it is meant to do, or what the effects you are after would look like.
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    Another video on it.
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    Scanimate was like the very early form of computer animation. Anyone who watched tv in the 60's 70's and early 80's has seen scanimate animation. Scanimate was able to do a number of weird effects. One that I remember a lot from the 70's and 80's was you would go from a weird kaleidoscope of funky shapes and colors and this would eventually come together as a station identification logo, that sort of thing. Some scanimate effects i know could easily be done in Hitfilm, others i'm not sure how they would be done. I'll have to find some better examples of the effects I am looking to recreate.
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    found an old Sesame Street clip that has a lot of the Scanimate style effects i'd like to re-create
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    Seen similar effects using a frequency generator and an oscilliscope I'm sure that it could be fairly simple to create with the right electronics knowledge. Sadly I've been out of the telecom buusiness too long to know what you'd need.
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    The first thing that comes to mind is the particle generator, using custom particles, a blur FX, and color tools.
    Actually, this "Scanimate" stuff is a lot like how the electronic music industry evolved. With some kind of waveform generator that describes the frequency, amplitude, and wavelength. Like a "Hoover" sound.
    For instance, a squarewave sound is rhythmic, and a "sawtooth" sound is more "buzzy".
    So you need to define the elements first, like are they smooth, clumpy, round, etc., then use the PartGen to define the motion as far as life, forces, etc. Then work out the look via hue, saturation, etc.
    Blur would soften it to give an analog look.
    Anyway, you're probably already aware of this stuff, and need specific help, so I'll bow out and watch for replies that are specific. I'd be interested too.
    I like to experiment with the old tools too. I've been doing Gif animations lately. It's old skool, but still a definite art form.
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    maybe you could use some kind ob a möbius strip turning inside out (--> windows xp screensaver maybe?)
    and then maybe use some kind of strong displacement effect on your footege (and the möbius strip as a source) ...might work...
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    That new "jelly man" video on the skj channel looks like scanimation...

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