Snowfall: Effects Testing

I shot this with my girlfriend Christmas evening to try and get the hang of a a few of the effect engines in HitFilm Ultimate.
Any constructive feedback welcomed! :)
Snowfall - HD


  • AxelWilkinson
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    Nice work! I particularly liked the way to flakes drifted about as they fell. It felt natural, and fit the tone of the scene quite well. My suggestion would be to work on the depth of field, so that the flakes that are right in the focal plane with the girl area bit sharper, while the ones up front stay soft. But I only mention that because I'm looking for something to offer constructive criticism on, I think it works pretty well just how it is.
  • Thanks Axel! I didn't think about the DOF, but I'll definitively keep that in mind! To try and sell the shot, I attempted to make it when she blew at the snow, it had an effect on the particles. I was messing around with forces and deflectors, but I didn't have any luck.