Standard to Ultimate - Lost Standard License!

Can anyone please explain why my Standard has been lost and switched to DEMO MODE. I have bought a license for Standard AND just upgraded to Ultimate...
It seems very unfair that the Standard license has been deactivated... Software is software in the end - Sony upgrades (Vegas) have never had this "feature"...


  • AxelWilkinson
    AxelWilkinson Posts: 5,255 Staff
    Its because you exchanged your Standard license for a discount on the Ultimate version. If you want to have a Standard license and an Ultimate license, you need to purchase both versions of the software. If you were just buying a second copy of the software, the discounted upgrade price wouldn't make sense.
    I confess I'm a bit curious why you want the Standard license if you have Ultimate, though. There is nothing Standard can do that Ultimate can't, and with the upgrade to Ultimate, you get the ability to install the software on three computers at once, as opposed to only one machine with Standard.